Chore Boy Teases New Album With Michael Phelps Meal and Vision.

BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CO-SIGN” is the title of the upcoming album being put out by Chore Boy, in collaboration with Brad Kemp. If you are not already familiar with the extensive body of work by these two, go to your favorite streaming service right now and look them up! Chore Boy and Brad Kemp have released multiple full length records, featuring many different underground sensations.

The first single coming off their latest record is MICHAEL PHELPS MEAL, featuring the two emcees that make up the trio Jyroscope. Jyroscope is made up of emcees Collasoul Structure and I.B. Fokuz as well as a producer, DJ Seanile. The lyrics from Chore Boy’s hook ring true in its anti selfishness message. “Michael Phelps meal, we could all eat, don’t swim too far, we could all eat. You can’t see shore, you should calm down, we have land here, we could all eat!

Chore Boy steps off his door step looking like a snack, smelling like a pack and delivers an uber lyrical verse. “Most of my homies never listened to what their elders told them, lost in Oblivion like Elder Scrolls was.” Chore Boy once again structures an impressive composition on a record, writing an attention grabbing hook, a sophisticated verse and recruiting Jyroscope for the complimentary pieces that fit into this song perfectly.

The second track that Chore Boy released in collaboration with Brad Kemp, from the upcoming LP “BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CO-SIGN,” is “VISION” featuring Chicago’s Boys V.S. Girls. Originally this song was written to the instrumental from the TYGA song, TASTE featuring Offset. That was a hit from the summer of 2018. Originally upon hearing Chore Boy’s version we knew, whatever beat eventually received those lyrics for permanent wax would be fire.

VISION is no exception to Chore Boy’s signature hook style, with his lyrical crooning and masterfully crafted multiple meanings. His lyrics evoke much thought and require a mental breakdown to absorb all the layers. “Keep my code of ethics Hammurabi, need an eye for an eye. Losing teeth in my dreams, need your smile then goodbye.” According to Chore Boy himself, the lines symbolize the idea of losing control, and wanting collateral for the pain inflicted by someone he fell out with; the philosophy of an ‘eye for an eye.

Boys V.S. Girls comes in with a high energy, almost Tupac-like sound and flow. He yell raps in a melodic fashion that also seems to channel 90’s grunge. Overall the song is well crafted and, as always, Chore Boy curates a well fitted feature on his record. Be on the lookout for Chore Boy and Brad Kemp’s “BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CO-SIGN” featuring many talents from Chicago and abroad, coming out August 26th.

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Kiara Lanier Teases New LP With An Ode to Black Men: Woman Crush Wednesday

Coming in with her second release of the year, Chicago pop R&B artist Kiara Lanier comes with a message of love. Not just known through music, Kiara also works as an actress on Fox‘s Empire, Showtime‘s The Chi, as well as being a finalist on American Idol. Always uplifting the black community, she takes it step further to address African American men. “We love you, we appreciate you, and stand with you, especially in these times.⁣⁣

In times where male depression and suicide and becoming more and more apparent, often times POC take the heaviest punches. From being brutalized in the street, stressed as a child, and bullied online, in school, Kiara remembers the strength and resilience of Black men in her latest single, I CHOOSE YOU! Taking a line from one of her verses; “Ain’t no Black man that I don’t appreciate. Whole world wanna be they just mad they aint.” Introducing the first song off her upcoming album EMPRESS, with love and enlightenment, another milestone for this unraveling Chicago icon.

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StankNasty Teases LP Project With Newest Single, Know The Name

StankNasty is poised to have an outstanding year as an artist. With consistency, his vocal and lyrical performance gets better with every release, as well as his content creativity. From the beat and sample selection, to conceptualizing tracks, word choice and flow, experimenting as he goes. Having already grown as an artist so much, he is ready for his next big move!

Pulling off some great releases this year, and as far as creativity goes, he executes with ease. He conceptualizes his ideas and artistic expression naturally with early tracks like CARNAGE and SCATTER BRAINED. He speaks with confidence and ferocity in his latest tracks ABOUT THAT TIME and PREACHING TO THE CHOIR. Dipping into his creative side with his GODS OF ROCK, sampling the iconic HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. With all this work put in place, StankNasty creeps up to another milestone with his next release.

Plotting his moves every step of the way, through his effort you will KNOW THE NAME, which is the title for his latest release. Similarly to GODS OF ROCK, StankNasty samples a popular score, ARRIVAL TO EARTH by Steve Jablonsky, from the Transformers film franchise, giving the song a very cinematic energy. The track is going to be his first single release from his upcoming 3 track album EPIC-EP. Hearing his playlist and creativity evolve thus far, we should expect the project to produce some quality sounds.

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Pauna Drops Music Video for Run In Anticipation of Upcoming Album.

Pauna has been very active the last couple years in the Chicago scene. You can usually see her performing duets with the melodic Davo Da Man or rocking her own set with lightning fast lyrics and foreign melodies utilizing her powerful and dynamic singing voice. You might be familiar with Pauna’s other works including “WE DA COOLEST“, “LIAR“, “IDIOTI“, and “THE WAY YOU TREATED ME AWOKE ME“.

Her latest release, which includes a visual produced by Julia Stoyanova, is RUN. Pauna raps and sings in Bulgarian, various themes about never giving up, keeping your foot on the gas at all times, and to never settle for less than your best and what you’re capable of. The Stara Zagora born recording and performing artist has an extremely unique style guaranteed you will not hear anywhere else. Pauna has been in Chicago going on over four years now and the music industry here has clearly been molding a star. This single will be part of a larger album being released at the beginning of next year, until then tune in to Pauna’s “Run”. The visual was created by Arlo Revolution and is available on YouTube now!

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Friday Nite Lites: Ep. 1 Features IIIMPULSIVEEE, Mic Logik and Keem.

Scotty Rocks with The Dog and Pony Show has partnered with RhymSter, of Ever Evolved, to create a platform for artists to talk about their career, craft, life and even perform their latest release! The first episode is presented to viewers as a three part series. Each part runs about 25 minutes long, offering consumers much content to absorb. RhymSter interviews IIIMPULSIVEEE, Mic Logik, and Keem and offers a deeper look into the crafts, styles, influences, and history of each artist.

RhymSter and IIIMPULSIVEEE delve into the backstory of how he got his stage name. IIIMPULSIVEEE used to go by Mystic, Mystify, Baja, Smirk, Johnny MC and then finally IIIMPULSIVEEE; with three I’s at the beginning and three E’s at the end. He chose this spelling due to his relation to the number and numerology of 33. That seems to be the number that follows and symbolizes more of who IIIIMPULSIVEEE is. They continue to talk about the ins and outs of the music industry, aspects of selling merchandise and live performance. IIIMPULSIVEEE then performs his song, “METHOD TO MY MADNESS” live in Scotty Rocks Studio 28 of the Dog and Pony Show.

RhymSter and Mic Logik discuss Mic’s background growing up in Chicago and his memories of the Chicago Bulls and Allen Iverson‘s rookie game against Michael Jordan in 1996. They go on to talk about Mic Logik’s introduction to hip hop with Snoop Dogg, No Limit influences, his respect for the Warren G sound, and his love for Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. Mic Logik is a student of the game hip hop and music. His catalog goes back to as far as 2007. Mic Logik talks about the start of Chi-Native Entertainment and the radio segment he co-hosts, Chi-Native Radio. Mic Logik also has a podcast focused on basketball called All Net.

RhymSter and Keem discuss Keem’s background with classical music training, and going to college for vocal performance on which he received scholarship for. Keem believes you should never let anyone put you in a box, and to not ever give up; continue to strive and work. RhymSter compares Keem’s latest record, IT’S GOING DOWN to a powerful and funky Marvin Gaye record. IT’S GOING DOWN was produced by RhymSter and Keem and features Radcliff Music; There is a music video out to it now done by Hayward of B.B.E. They talk about how that hot political single was created in the studio. Keem then gives a performance of IT’S GOING DOWN to end part 3 of episode 1.

Highly recommend following RhymSter, Ever Evolved, Scotty Rocks, The Dog + Pony Show, and Friday Nite Lites to stay up to date on all of the amazing talent they will be featuring! Interviews, performances, and great conversation to compliment the brands of each artist!

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ELL V!rtuoso Reflects After A Look Around Todays Situations: Woman Crush Wednesday

The multi-talented artist from Chicago is back with a social-politically charged song. Since releasing KILLING (PAIN), a deep personal memoir, she has been working in the background on graphic design, art, hair styling and production. Recently being invited to Insomiac Studio to perform on the God Hour to showcase her lyrical ability. Very skilled with her lyricism, ELL V!rtuoso quickly strikes through her new track, LOOK AROUND, with power like lightning, with one message to behold: All systematic oppression and injustice must end. Starting with a vibe like Lauryn Hill on the intro coupled with vocal harmonics, balanced with raw lyrics; the most powerful line comes in the outro: “They play brutality like a game of chess, there’s no rest. Off stress cause you guessing who’s next, will it be me? Can we be free? There’s a war on peace, I need Malcom X and Dr. King…

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Scoochie Boochie In Search of The Lost City of Atlantits: Artist of the Week

Scoochie Boochie buys a luxury submarine to search for the LOST CITY OF ATLANTITS. A legendary paradise that sank into the sea when its women got too thick. The synopsis given by Boochie himself, and whilst that is accurate, this album is so in depth with the concept of lude, sexual humor, through the guise of a nautical focused setting and character, that the previous description might not due it justice. This album is the epitome of the word conceptual.

Scoochie Boochie is a new age hip hop influenced Pop-Eye the Sailor, mixed with the sexual satire and puns one would hear in Too $hort records. He is fluid and makes his style seem effortless, how he flows over instrumentals with sex jokes, after sex jokes. The record is mixed and mastered by RhymSter, with instrumentals provided by Vanilla Villa, Dee B, Guillermo, and Fartmaster J. The sound is crisp and clean, with the signature inflection from the main protagonist, Scoochie, cutting through in each track.

There are also a series of skits that paint a vivid picture, and drive a narrative of how Scoochie Boochie eventually winds up in Atlantits in his luxurious submarine. All the while detailing a sex-capade worthy of Austin Powers. The project is 18 total tracks, including skits, and lasts approximately 40 minutes. The sound, style, stories, skits and lyricism of Scoochie Boochie will bring a listener on a hilariously interesting time. The flow of the album feels like it could be scored into a musical and be a hit!

Notable lines from the record are throughout all of his songs, there is not a stale track on the project. “The beacon is lit, Gondor calls for aid, Rohan’s on the way, but it’s me with the dick, the trees and a zip;” that line can be found on the track I’M GOING TO HAVE SEX. That is just a taste of what you can expect to find on THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTITS.

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Flosstradamus Keeps Summer Vibes Alive with Nonsens

Flosstradamus, A legendary name to Chicago, and for good reason! Helping bring edm and trap bass to mainstream popularity with remixes like ORIGINAL DON by Diplo in 2012, with former member Josh Young AKA YehMe2. Floss is back with an original release following a collab with Post Malone, Key, Fki1st and graves earlier this year. Simplifying this recent collaboration to one artist, Nonsens, for an upbeat hit for the summer named SO FAR. Kicking it off with a dnb styled intro, chopping up a vocal loop, into a body of bass and alarming synths to wild out to. The piano break in between keeps the uplifting energy going on this dance worthy beat!

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StankNasty Lyrically Manifests Success Energy With About That Time

After a few successes, depending on your definition of success, one is bound to speak with confidence and be urged to motivate; it is an energy and idea you cannot keep to yourself. Following his last few public releases, StankNasty reveals ABOUT THAT TIME, following his songs PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, I KNOW I’VE WON, SCATTER BRAINED and CARNAGE, this year. Feeling comfortable in his lyrical talents by now, StankNasty exclaims, “anything I touch gonna turn to gold, success gonna favor the bold, a young gunner bringing new flavor to old, get a little taste you gonna savor the flow.” With an upbeat, edm influenced beat, you can really feel StankNasty’s motivated energy, and it may be infectious to anyone that may be facing hesitation, once you pay attention to the wisdom in the lyrics.

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Aires Adora Tunes Into Classic Chicago House Sounds: Woman Crush Wednesday

Aires Adora is a gem to find in the vast treasure trove of artists that is Chicago. Tapping into the city’s music history and becoming apart of the dance music culture, being classically trained, her vocals and style are a perfect match for Chicago House. Closer to the original style, filled with soulful vocals made popular by artists like Frankie Knuckles and Farley Jackmaster Funk, mixed with some R&B; giving off a bit of a Disclosure vibe. Consistent throughout her discography with tracks like ANOTHER DAY, MAJIK CARPET RIDE and most recently, her music video for TAKE MY LOVE.

Produced by non other than Ron Caroll, close friend and player of Jackmaster Funk and Chicago House respectively, and written by Latoya Washington, Aires Adora flawlessly vocalizes for the camera! Dancing confidently as she sings in her night dress, easily getting you dancing to the rhythm and chorus. As most contemporary house music or edm artists focus more on production and limited vocals, (in most cases just using samples) Adora modernizes that classic marriage of production and vocals in house music. Infecting our senses with the urge to dance, it would be a fantasy to see Aires Adora combine her talents with other Chicago icons like Green Velvet and Kaskade.

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