Broken Robots’ Wild Runway Music Video: Monday Majesty

Earlier November Broken Robots blessed their fans with some new music and majestic visuals once again! The Chicago Indie Grunge band has been on a hot streak this year making big moves. Sprinkling their influence around their network of creatives, collaborating with up and coming artists like Trevor Pilz with BOOM BADA BAM BING, or producing for other artist Nora Marks. Their influence continuously catches the eye of Chicago SoundCheck, who brand Broken Robots an electro grunge band, going over their most recent release RUNAWAY. Their new single is paired with animated surreal visuals, like Tony Baker stomping through a city like Godzilla with a guitar, Lonnie Philips jammin’ in a spacheship, and Kat Baker stuck in the matrix, that can really catch your attention!

Broken robots get more in depth with the background of the track, as they would explain with Chicago Soundcheck, they are method writers, and produce with intention behind their creations. Creating powerful metaphors in relation to their life experiences and perspectives, similarly with their concept for BURN IT DOWN from their EP THE ESCAPE ARTIST. RUNAWAY comes as a 2 piece idea, beginning as a reference to their friend who disappeared with no evidence but security footage of a boarding train, as if chasing something. However an unresolved issue, the band shifted to a pairing metaphor to complete the song, directed at how a creative can lose themselves and others in the process of chasing that what may or may not be unattainable. To pause and give flowers to your loved ones while you can, a second look at whats really important.

Broken Robots handles gratitude and appreciation well themselves. As bonus to their fans they recently compiled a video of live footage from packed out events, as a thank you for support over 3 years with their song BAD HABBITS from their debut EP HOME IS NOT A PLACE. The band regularly credits each others talent and contributions within their team via social media as well. And with all that time they did it without a live drummer, till now! Anthony Friedli will surely be receiving his flowers too, being an addition to this ever evolving crew of artists.

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Life’s A Game, CantBuyDeem Got The Joystick: Monday Majesty

Ever since his LP DILF with DJ SKOLi released, CantBuyDeem has been living it up, and it is evident with his latest moves! Touring with his connects in Cali and Florida, doing photoshoots, interviewed by podcasters in and out of Chicago. Behind closed doors is another story, and CantBuyDeem gives you a glimpse at how a DILF gets treated! Revisiting JOYSTICK from his LP for a music video, the visuals are just too risque to look away! Surrounding himself with beautiful women, POPEYES on the regular, CantBuyDeem seems to be enjoying life like a video game, perks of being a DILF. DJ SKOLi and Andre Ohni Duval perfect the beat, keeping the vibe right for the party.

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Go Crazy at INNJOY on Division this Monday!

Chicago is filled with some of the most amazing talent in music, and all they need is a platform to be heard! This Monday November 15th we heed that call and invite some of Chicago’s best to GO CRAZY on stage at INNJOY on Division. Hosted by C-mac and backed up by DJ Hunt, with performances by Chops Diggity, Montezuma, Monsoon Staraw, Ninno, Chris K, Prince Crowe, and special guest Roy French! We invite you to GO CRAZY at INNJOY with us and not only experience the night, but benefit from it too! There’s plenty opportunities when you experience what Ever Evolved Presents!

At this free entry event you get to participate in a raffle and win prizes that can benefit you as an artist and a fan. You can participate in a raffle that offers a FREE 4 hours of studio time at Ever Evolved Studios, with one of our talented engineers. For the fans, we give away a $25 dollar visa gift card, a goodie bag and some merch from our vendors! Performing artists are will be among the crowd as well as our representatives, and will be providing a good time and opportunities to network. You cannot lose so GO CRAZY November 15th at INNJOY on Division starting at 8pm. Did we forget to mention there be deals on wings?

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HAYWARD On The Regular (Music Video)

Hayward is back with an update on some new visuals! Cruisin’ off his LP DIVINE INTERVENTION, released early in the year, he decides to revisit one of his hit singles! Hayward picks on REGULAR to pair with a music video and give the song even more life! The video is just a spacey as the beat itself, with old static television picture, as old video cassettes and popcorn lie around an old school box television and camcorder; adding a retro ambiance to the video, or nostalgia, for the 90’s kids. Hayward contemplates deeply in his lyrics about what it is to be REGULAR. Jumping on the beat with, “I been going through some shit, then again who isn’t. What would ya’ll do if you was put in my position, ain’t regular I was put here on a mission. Man you gotta make decisions.” Seemingly at odds with and ultimately accepting his divine purpose as opposed to a regular path; every artist or individual may bear this responsibility at one point or another in their creative journeys!

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Too Urban, and How Gentrification Pushes Hip Hop From Its Roots.

It is no secret to lovers of any genre of music, that black culture is the roots and foundation for majority of the most popular and most listened to sounds in the mainstream, especially for the USA. From Hip Hop in New York, to House in Chicago, Techno in Detroit, Disco in Philadelphia, Jazz in Louisiana, Dubstep in the UK, even Rock music with Little Richard. What makes these genres so popular is relative to its particular fan base, and how they connect & express themselves personally through these sounds; there is no music culture without the fans! So it would be fair to say, to separate the two is un-cultural, and appropriating.

The most successful genre past its first decade, and continues to dominate the mainstream, is Hip Hop, without a doubt. Promoters make top dollar hiring DJ’s that play top charting artists, that majority of the time lean towards hip hop creatives like Drake, Travis Scott and Jay-Z, to Kanye West; the latter of which themselves contributed to the hip hop culture in its early years. From its creation in the urban jungle of the Bronx DJ Cool Herc originated a sound, from looping breaks in disco records, that has forever changed the lives of many struggling in the taxed environment of the inner cities in the late 80’s and 90’s. It still changes lives today in many ways, but for some promoters and venue owners, they want the change all for themself. Many times venues have rejected not the music, that will still play on their radios, but the fans that make up the culture.

If you are a Chicago hip hop head you have probably seen many venues come and go that used to primarily service hip hop. Places like Subterranean in Wicker Park have been safe havens for the genre. A lot of the experiences that the hip hop community share are finding venues in the city that do not shy away from hip hop based events and crowds. It has become common place to silently acknowledge that some venues or locations reject Hip Hop performances and their audiences. The excuses venues and promoters use to turn away these crowds are quite vague, ranging from lack of money to the common favorite, being Too Urban.

Too Urban is a phrase rappers endured back in the infancy stages of hip hop, and today we still run into this subtle prejudice to discriminate against black or latin patronage. Racism in nightlife runs so deeply that establishments in 2021 would rather have empty bars than be packed with POC, even if a night results with no complaints, some creative networking and a fulfilled cash quota mid week. A certain stigma has become associated with the Hip Hop community that big money likes to pretend they do not avoid on purpose, but it is too profitable to ignore, so venues and promoters try to pick away at the culture to serve their own purpose and preferred customers. No baggie pants, no jerseys, no shorts, sneakers, ripped jeans, or hats, are some of the subtle ways to avert a certain demographic of people. Others will be straight up and say no live Hip Hop, the crowd is Too Urban, but we will like your art work and style to display and sell to our people, thanks. Not even if you tastefully balance live cabaret and jazz with contemporary hip hop for your rooftop poolside guests, is the culture tolerated; But they never return the money either.

This can very well be a symptom of gentrification, coupled with a thug culture stigma that has been associated with Hip Hop, (popularly emphasized in Bone Thug N Harmonys intro dialogue in THUGGISH RUGGISH BONE). Big money over time moves into cheap neighborhoods, purchases and redevelops property, and once that happens the local music venues follow suit. So what is a city full of expressive people and artists to do when the neighborhoods they grew up in now have yuppy venues that no longer want to promote the music of their cultural upbringing? This is a question that the artistic community needs to reflect upon, as well as the hip hop heads that make up that culture. This old attitude is past its time.

The people and hip hop cannot be stopped from persevering, that is in very essence of Hip Hop, to persist. But some kind of fear or prejudice that still exists in corners of our world, still holds some of us back from our potential. Hip Hop was, and still is, an outlet for creatives, outcasts and individuals to free their mind, express themselves and connect with a community of motivated and ambitious minds. To refuse to let that potential find a home and grow, would be to send our brothers and sisters back to the streets, the very urban environment the wealthy fear, creating the very stigma they run away from. Whether it is a taproom in Lakeview, a rooftop poolside bar in Wicker Park, or an after hours club, the nightlife industry needs to recognize all facets of the artistic community work and thrive together.

Is it not ironic after all for a whole demographic of people be considered Too Urban when the growing cities themselves, considering the aesthetically pleasing upgrades, new developments and business, are adding to the increasing urban environment? Is it not perhaps that maybe it is the corporate white collar prejudice that are too urban, and the culture is too human? In response to this discriminate rejection fueled by prejudice and negative stigma, Ever Evolved introduces Too Urban Open Mic at Magoos, November 18th, December 9th and 23rd at 8pm for everyone 21+. Presented with the S.H.I.T.T.S. Podcast and sponsored by My Radio Chicago. No waiting for permission to fit a certain box to find a home for hip hop culture, be the outlet for the culture, take it back! All creatives welcome, let us grow together! Much love to venues like Subterranean and Innjoy, Magoos for welcoming every and all.

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Boom Bada Bam Bing, The New Collab With Broken Robots Introducing Trevor Pilz

Broken Robots (Kat Baker, Tony Baker, Lonnie Phillips) are back with a new single introducing Chicago rap artist Trevor Pilz. The track titled BOOM BADA BAM BING, is a rebellious anthem channeling the likes of Cypress Hill’s B-REAL and the great Eminem. Kat Baker and Trevor Pilz share the infectious half rapped, half sung chorus, with Tony Baker on the guitar leads and rhythm production. The whole song feels throwback in its influences yet contemporary in its execution.

Bottom with the rocks in handcuffs, put them in a box with padlocks,” Kat Baker sings with her signature pianissimo style. “Singing boom bada bam bing, still do the damn thing, whatcha gonna do about it, bitch not a damn thing,” Trevor Pilz responds in the two part hook that evokes the idea of the sovereign citizen freedom fighter. Trevor Pilz being relatively new to the scene, but having such a strong sonic start thanks in part to Broken Robots, is quite commendable. A lot of artists in the scene do not get the privilege to have quality production, even less have the skill and talent to back it up like Trevor Pilz clearly possesses.

The track, BOOM BADA BAM BING, is two verses with two hooks, beginning and culminating in sound bites of various interactions with the police. The single infers this disharmonious relationship with those who are meant to protect and serve, but most of us know that is not really why they are here in our communities. BOOM BADA BAM BING, the new single by Trevor Pilz in collaboration with Broken Robots is available on YouTube and SoundCloud today with a lyric visual to accompany it on YouTube!

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YOUNG XAV Defies Genres With Sophomore LP Dead By Dawn

The long anticipated LP DEAD BY DAWN by YOUNG XAV has been received and it is bigger than expected! In the works since the release of his debut LP AFTER DARK, it is an extension of the 1st, completing the journey we are living vicariously through YOUNG XAV. Being teased with singles like WAYS TO DIE, MANIA FREESTYLE and KISS KISS BANG BANG, and interviews with the Ever Evolved platform and others alike, foreshadowing concepts and genres. There is a bit of something for everyone in DEAD BY DAWN, leaving each listener with a piece of his life within every song!

Earlier in YOUNG XAV’s music journey he was more centered on hip hop styles in his production and his lyricism, dabbling in R&B whenever. Making a decision to explore other sounds following his MANIA FREESTYLE, with his style, it seemed like it was bound to happen. Leaning towards more instrumentals, YOUNG XAV fittingly dips into more rock influences, without abandoning hip hop altogether of course. He balances it smoothly back and forth throughout DEAD BY DAWN in between other styles, creating a diverse and highly entertaining LP, there is no dull moment, despite its length at 13th tracks!

Introducing us with its title track DEAD BY DAWN, with a 80’s dark, electro synth-pop, Stranger Things vibe, featuring Aanjoulique on vocals, creating a mystifying energy. YOUNG XAV enters firing with a prelude as the beat switches up: “If I should die tonight, best believe i lived my best one, if I should die tonight please reflect on all my words, if I should die tonight please my momma love her tell my father… tell my brother…” Opening strong he keeps the energy going with ONCE UPON A TIME, keeping up the heavy hip hop bass. He then switches it up and dials down to something different and personal!

Continuing with a jazzy selection, the LIFE & TIMES OF XAVIER ROBERT opens up with soothing horn instruments and grand piano, as if in a 1920’s speak easy, leading you into the happenings of YOUNG XAV’s mind in his verses. The production of this track in particular sets it apart from the rest of the album, but is not the exception to its diversity. The following title, PLAY PRETEND keeps a similar melancholic energy, as XAV sings over acoustic guitar. Just the introduction of the full LP shows you how far YOUNG XAV has come as he has grown as an artist since his debut LP in 2019 and earlier releases. Whether he continues on this path or not, we are forever grateful for the talent we have been able to experience through him and look forward see what YOUNG XAV has planned next!

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Larcin Is Up Next! (Music Video)

Larcin is on it with his next moves, working with a new music video release, an LP release and a party to celebrate. One of 18 tracks on his latest LP release LARSIM 2, released on Sept. 30th, following RISKY BUSINESS and HATED, NEXT gets its visual release. Set in some rural corn field with some smoke under his hood, Larcin takes to it as an artist would, passing by time with music and making a song about it. His sophomore LP, a one up to his debut LARSIM with Sim Bleek, has seen a release party in Niles, Friday October 9th with artists featuring MahCheck, United 4 Ever Always, SoundGuyMike, Beatrix Kiddo and Ever Evolved artists Wilhelm Duke, RhymSter, CMac & DJ Curt Henny. Be sure to follow Larcin via the links below and give his full LP a listen!

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G.T.I.M. and MOECYRUS Take the Boom Bap Throne with TOMA

First discovered G.T.I.M. with his fast flowing, Midwest chopping skills on FIYAH produced by Cuzzin Vinny. Now he is back with a collaborative EP with MOECYRUS on TOMA. A back and forth boom bap sparring record, where both emcees lay their skills down and leave everything they can on the track. A truly impressive record reminiscent of solo Wu Tang cuts. 

G.T.I.M. is an acronym for GTEK THE ILL META4, and he absolutely brings meta bars throughout all 5 tracks with heavyweight emcee MOECYRUS right alongside in their boom bap duo. G.T.I.M. raps the first verse of TOMA, produced once again by Cuzzin Vinny, in Spanish, before switching into English, “Let me switch the language I’m the number 1 contender, one that’s for sure is that Wu Tang is forever!…” MOECYRUS and G.T.I.M. share the hook chanting TOMA back n forth. 

The second record on TOMA is actually produced by G.T.I.M. himself; hearing rappers rap over their own beats is always inspiring. “I swear that I’m not a villain, living for lords bidding, something like heavens hitman, killing like hells janitor,” this dope line of metaphors stands out in track 2, MACHETE. “Fuck you need me for? I don’t ask for nothing, all you really want is to get your sound bussin,” MOECYRUS raps, inferring scene artists trying to waste his time or only use him for clout. 

Track 3 SPECTRUM, is actually produced by MOEYCRUS! Highly recommend this song for its piercing lyricism from both of the Chicago emcees. “I said I never folded unless I am aluminum…!” raps MOECYRUS. G.T.I.M. hits a nice string of lines with “Like when you’re making them nervous because you’re a genuine person, and I’ve been putting that work in, and becoming the version I’ve been dreaming and merging” 

MILITIA is another Cuzzin Vinny production evoking two solid verses from the fencing emcees on TOMA! The hook is a series of samples referencing militant raps of times past. MOECYRUS starts the record before passing it off to G.T.I.M. “I’m putting in my time like military service,” that line can sum up the skill needed to pull off a track like this. 

The final record begins with a sound bite mentioning martial law. G.T.I.M. comes in with highly charged anti-political bars. “Most the medias a lie, now they call it fake news, but it’s been that way. Let me tell you it ain’t new, always been propaganda, omitting out any truth. Then they hijacked rap, spitting bullshit in the booth.FML the acronym for “fuck martial law” the hook comes in tight and clean by MOECYRUS.This record is a must save and listen for any hip hop head of the Midwest and beyond. Any fan of music, boom bap, poetry, lyricism, political references, Latin music, should find something lovely, familiar, unique, and charged with the passion of true hip hop in TOMA

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Nothing In Fafa’s Way With Tree Of Flames: Monday Majesty

Fafa is back with another heart felt song, pairing the single with a new music video as well! Fafa is no stranger to deeply artistic music videos, noting tracks like GIVE ME A MIRACLE, THE SKY CRIES WITH ME and a collaborative single, ANTA AL BATAL. Her latest single TREE OF FLAMES is no exception, as Fafa is decorated with makeup, making her look like a cinematic fictional fairy. The video starts off in a calm, natural setting, with a sleepy fellow resting in the shade of a tree. Fafa appears as a unique soul, taken for granted, walking away from someone significant. Metaphorically, tree of flames is in reference to a higher power, and surrendering herself to this power, “Standing at the tree of flames” she “lets go of all her fears,” to go in search of what belongs! Beautifully expressed through amazing vocal range, Fafa continues to amaze!

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