Artist of the Week: Will Is Chillin’ Conveys What Everyone Thinks With Loitering

Will Is Chillin’ dropped a six track EP earlier this month titled LOITERING. The whole record perfectly sums up what everyone has been feeling the last two months, with the state enforced lock downs due to the COVID-19 historical pandemic. In the first song, I CAN’T WAIT TO BE OUTSIDE, Will Is Chillin’ lays out some very logical and common sense issues that arose because of mandatory business closings. He raps, “Can’t bartend from home, rent due on the first, how am I to make ends?” In Chicago, tens of thousands of service industry workers lost their jobs, and many well respected traveling musicians and artists rely on that as a source of income. Will Is Chillin’ recruited VantaBlac Sol and Rebel Legato, fellow Tiny Chain Gang members on track four, RIVER.

The shutdown definitely has weighed heavily on artists that both perform and work in bars. But not just artists, anyone can relate to these themes throughout LOITERING. Later in track one he raps, “Yes, I’m unemployed and it is out of my control… Wait, I can’t be depressed, need to remain positive but I won’t take a test!” There are many citizens right now that would oppose a mandatory vaccination, or to be tested after being exposed by contact tracing. This line tackles multiple ideas in that regard, Will Is Chillin’ needs to keep it together, smile through it, and hopefully not inundate himself into the medical system too much.

On the last track, APRIL 1ST, Will Is Chillin’ brings up points such as, “Stuck in this predicament, no therapy to cope, daring your eviction necessarily revoked.” This is a line that had one a tad baffled, but the ideas surrounding a lack of access to mental health care, and possibly being evicted due to not being able to pay rent, are extremely relevant given the current COVID-19 crisis. Will Is Chillin’ creates many layers of commentary through each track about our collective fears, anxieties, thoughts, hopes and worries in relation to the pandemic of 2020. If you cannot wait to be outside too, then make sure to give Loitering by Will Is Chillin a spin!

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Stay Home And Bump Lucky Iris

Lucky Iris welcomes you to sounds of electro-indie pop, debuting their music with their first EP, TURNS OUT WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME, with the help of Oliver Sekunda on production. A concept project based around a night on the town, and figuring it best to stay home sometimes! Coming from the Leeds music scene in England, they present a fresh perspective through their music. With influence from artists like Alt-J and Laura Mvula, Maeve & Jasper of Lucky Iris come with a unique sound.

At just four tracks, the project is short but full energy, starting out with GET READY WITH ME, an upbeat song about the curious energy of a young girl. Followed up with a more melancholic track over piano chords, TAKE 5 (WHY CAN’T YOU SEE ME) explores the feeling of being surrounded by people, yet being invisible to someone significant. GLITTER VISION is a favorite for its production, the track starts off like an electronic house beat, followed up with pop vocalization, and changes up tempo and ups the bass, flipping the energy around. Their debut gives us enough to see, Lucky Iris is dynamic and full of potential, and we cannot wait to see what they have for us in the future!

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Premiere: Eshé & Brad Kemp Never Take Days Off!

Still hot off his LISTEN IN HEADPHONES solo project, and his collaborative single, HAT/NO HAT, with Handsome Naked that premiered on NBC‘s Talent Show Livestream. The efforts lands him and proves his worth as an Artist of the Week in April. As a producer, Brad Kemp meets with a variety of artists, and on this occasion, Brad found vocal artist Eshé to work on a collaboration. They two worked together before on tracks produced for Chore Boy, now they got their own single flowin’, as apart of an album called LETTERS, filled with diverse artists.

Releasing a music video with each track individually and consecutively, until the album drops, the two the artists came up with a clever video for their latest track, WISH YOU WERE HERE. Eshé, who is currently residing in New York where she finished up a Masters Degree from NYU, worked on the writing and vocalizing while Brad, obviously, produced the music. The video illustrates the lyrics as they go with the song, highlighting each different line of a verse, with different colors. A very relaxing and upbeat track, using acoustic sounds over a hip hop beat. Very motivating from start to finish with lyrics like, “Hard work pays off, never thought I’d get days off, I remember being exhausted, workin 12 hour days days, stayin up makin demos on Halsted” and that is just to start!

LETTERS release date is scheduled for June 5th, with each track involving a different performing artist. Stay tuned for the live album premiere through their social medias linked below!

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Jean Deaux

A favorite when it comes to R&B, especially if we are talking Chicago, Jean Deaux is a must have for your playlist. She is a mystifying figure, always making big moves, with big names. She has both, the cities attitude and a sense of seduction. With her hip hop influence, she balances between being intimate and powerful. Her ear for a good beat, and her lyrical talent and original flows makes her an unstoppable artist!

Recently Jean Deaux released her EP, WATCH THIS!, with the help of some talented artists. On production she would would have artists like Ambi Lyric, Prodxvzn, daedaePIVOT, Letmode, 1Mind, Grant Strumwasser, ROMderful, and she even has her own work on production, with Renzell on the track FLICK! Always working closely with big names in Chicago like Ravyn Lenae, Phoelix, PIVOT with DaeDae and Saba, THEMpeople, and Nico Segal associated with SAVEMONEY and more; she leaves quite the imprint in Chicago hip hop and R&B. Taking a look at her lyrics and style, it is apparent as to why such notable artists with Jean Deaux and vice versa!

Might break a tradition. You ain’t gotta like my opinions or who my friends is, tell me where the benji’s? – You see, bae, don’t, play,” Jean Deaux switches up style between her verse and chorus flawlessly, OK! is an easy favorite. Her confidence and attitude shines in FLICK (STACEY), featuring Yung Baby Tate, singing: “You can’t hit it if you call me talking crazy baby, I am not your lady ’cause you bought me a mercedes, ‘cedes, no you cannot fuck me if you lay up in that lazy, safety. First thing you gon’ strap up before you jump into this hesitatin;” straight off the bat, with a hot flow! Then she follows up with MOODY!, featuring Saba PIVOT, and a personal favorite, VALID! with its chorus, and you realize how hot this EP is. The whole project and Jean Deaux’s talent really speaks for itself, hear for yourself!

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IIIMPULSIVEEE Gives You Apart Of Him

As an artist, every piece of work released has a deep connection between producer and fan, a proud achievement made from pure will and effort. IIIMPULSIVEEE comes out with a single release, dubbed THIS IS APART OF ME, to outline this connection. This Chicago artist has a fluent flow on the mic, and with it he outlines his life. Starting off with “I been lookin at the mirror every year how did I get here, it’s not clear… On days I’m not complete, trust my heart with the beat.” It is lines laid out like that, that give you an idea of how much effort an artist like IIIMPULSIVEEE puts into the track, not just from the moment of recording, but the journey to the booth.

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Greediphresh Flexes His Love For Anime With Tenchi Muyo Music Video

His new music video and title track, TENCHI MUYO, pays homage to the anime of the same name. With the release, Greediphresh warns any listeners that might have qualms with macho and sexually explorative lyrics. Flying across the animations as a lyric video, Greedi goes off, “Take a break just to fuck on her face, if you love me, girl that love is misplaced, get a check and I’m runnin it up…” Even if Greediphresh loads up with superficial lyrics, his vocabulary and delivery is expansive enough to not be repetitive. This follows up his tracks BOWSER and YELLOW VERSION, beef up your playlist with some uncensored goodness.

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Yung Tact Living In A State of Emergency

Outlining a hustlers lifestyle with his lastest release, STATE OF EMERGENCY, Yung Tact spits verses over ominous beats with raw lyricism. Starting off the album talking about money in the intro, “The money don’t stop, the world don’t stop. Want to really get money n*gga then, never take no day off… it’s always working, always making somethin happen.” Treating everyday like an emergency, to make ends, is a natural part of being a hustler. Listening to the album from start to finish, you start to get the feeling to bust a move and hit a lick for yourself, you will find yourself repeatin, “Just do it, ain’t nothin’ to it“. Just make sure you pay respect the streets first and bump this record on your next come up!

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A.M. Early Morning and Johnny Gunnz Rival the Griselda Sound with ANIMAL.

Chicago’s own hardened rappers, A.M. Early Morning and Johnny Gunnz, release their record, ANIMAL, that should be in the conversations that mention the popular New York gangster trio, Griselda and their debut album on Shady Records. ANIMAL is a seven track project, but it feels like a full record at slightly over eighteen minutes long. It is full of high pitched, sampled female vocal melodies and slow, tight structured bad-ass criminal punchlines. A.M. Early Morning and Johnny Gunnz capture that truly gangster style of rap that has largely been absent from hip hop, with the exception of Pusha T, The Game and now the recent critically acclaimed Griselda Records.

If a hip hop fan thinks of Chicago gangster rap at this very moment, put ANIMAL in the equation. Every record on the album has notable and memorable punchlines such as, “I’ll have Vatos leave your Tahoe on cylinder blocks, you the type to be caught slipping, chilling in crocs,” from Johnny Gunnz on the intro track, TYPICAL produced by Max Julian. A.M. Early Morning raps, “Switching burners like draws or a white tee, problems go away for a small fee, devil in the back working overtime, drug dealers now bums holding up signs,” on the song BODEGA GLASS, featuring Eto, produced by D-Nast On The Beat. Lines like those are what east coast hip hop heads love about the New York trio Griselda, if given the chance to be privy to ANIMAL by AM Early Morning and Johnny Gunnz, they would be instant fans of them as well!

The flow of the project is seamless, including a staple of a hip hop classic record; the skit. Boogie Man is featured scratching some dope cuts on track 4, the BOOGIE MAN SKIT. The complex scratching from Boogie Man offers a transition that is largely missing from new age hip hop today. Don not forget about independent hustlers of amazing quality rap music, and include AM Early Morning and Johnny Gunz in the conversation. Place ANIMAL next to Griselda and Pusha T in your daily hip hop playlist, it deserves shine along the mainstream.

Production by Max Julian, D-Nast On The Beat, Mister Castle, Johnny Slash, Ill Brown, and Boogie Man.

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Creative Spotlight: Film Maker and Photographer Maalik Falsetto.

Maalik Falsetto is a Chicago filmmaker, photographer and producer with his own production company, Maalik Falsetto Productions. He started this company in 2016 to cater to creatives and help them see their film and photography projects come to life. Maalik recently won the My World Is Yours competition for creatives hosted by Art After Dark. Maalik was picked after submitting a beautiful urban photo set.

Recent projects produced by Maalik Falsetto include MUSE, a short film about “Two college students meet at a party, realizing that they may need to rely on each other more than they know. THE OTHER FOOT, an alternative history piece about slavery, and AMBROSIAL a story about overcoming the grief of a brother slain by police. Congratulations to Maalik Falsetto on his recent contest win and continuing to help creatives produce quality visual content.

Maalik Falsetto

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Emily Blue

Emily Blue seems to be one of the more composed artists of Chicago. She got everything locked down, from the sound of her music, to her visual aesthetic and her live performances, presenting the unique character within herself. While that may be perfect enough for any audience, Emily doubles down with side band projects as Tara Terra and Moon Mouth. Music and creativity seems to just flow through her blood, as she creates sounds of Glitch and Synth Pop

Recently she uploaded her latest single APERTURE, which premiered on TheseDaysMag, along with an exclusive interview. She notes the song is a collaboration with friend and artist Uushky, and it was originally made for piano. Its lyrical origins would revolve around Emily passing through emotions she felt for someone significant, who was already spoken for. The song in itself is quite epic, as Emily sings and harmonizes dreamily over synth chords that hit heavenly climactic highs, alongside her vocalization. You can actually feel the wave of emotion as the song progresses in layers; a very atmospheric song that will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing!

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