WRDS Plays Squid Game!

WRDS does not seem like anyone that would turn down a challenge, the man himself puts him self into SQUID GAME. Using the theme song and some sound bites, Epik The Dawn produced a really interesting remix of the Netflix Series Squid Game tune. “Been broke man I told em’ I do anything that I can for the bread. Green light turns to red light, guess I gotta just aim for the head. Fill up all my competition with lead, no saving, the opposition on my head.” Popping in with a powerful intro line, creating a metaphor between being an artist in a cut throat music industry and the scenarios and games the characters find themselves in the Netflix show. “I ain’t got time for this i I shine for this i been on my grind for this, life is a squid game and people gonna die for this.” This song makes you think that the hyperbolized ultimatums in Squid Game do not differ much than reality when it comes to the pursuit of happiness. WRDS proves his passion is more than just a game with his hit releases just this year alone like, SUMMER, PLAYGROUND, PONCE DE LEON, BANDERAS and his LP THE EQUINOX TAPE

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Chi-Native Keeps Up the Pace with Flex and Intro: Monday Majesty

The hard hitting trio is at it again with back to back Friday drops with FLEX and INTRO. Flex features Mic Logik, WRDS and I.DEAL, suited up in nice threads and dropping fast uptempo lyrical verses to compliment a catchy melodic hook sung by WRDS. In FLEX, I.Deal takes the first verse dropping lines such as, “Yeah baby got the balls to do it, I make baller music, while ya’ll are losing. Once you saw the movement, who you calling stupid? Took the team out the country, all inclusive.” That line must infer to the CHI-Native trip where they filmed PRINCESSA, it takes work to make music career moves out of state, let alone outside of the country. It is awesome seeing what CHI-Native is doing in the music industry!

WRDS takes the middle verse of the song where he ends his verse rhyming, “I’m a good guy, with a rough edge, little bit of hood ties, man I pray for my dawgs and the good vibes, man this ain’t so long this is good-bye!” Referring to his background, and how he wishes the best for his people still stuck in lifestyles he does not participate in. Another string of lines that stood out were, “If you know me you know, I’m keeping it loco, keeping it vocal, keep on being a beast with the beat in a chokehold!” Comparing his dexterity and skill in rap to a wrestling move meant to knock out your opponent. Always love to see creative gun fight, knife fight, fist fight, type action oriented metaphors.

Mic Logik takes the anchor verse with great lines like, “Chi-Native always coming with the dope raps, matter of fact, everything I ever wrote’s crack. Heard me rhyme then you know that I’m a throwback, they ain’t feeling you, beats got no slap.” Drug comparisons stay popular in hip hop because of obvious reasons, but again seeing new unique ways to say ingrained metaphors is very appealing to the hip hop head. “Say what I want and I never ever hold back, and that’s worth more to me than a gold plaque.” Mic Logik is describing how he would rather write songs and retain creative autonomy then to sell out and relinquish control, in order to obtain music industry awards. This is a feeling shared by many in hip hop and the music industry due to the personal nature and link between a rapper and the words they’re rhyming.

In Chi-Native’s latest drop, INTRO (NATIVE TONGUE), which hit YouTube on Friday the 13th, the 3 emcees spar with their most lyrically intense verses in front of a huge pile of speakers and vintage suitcases. They are also rapping on top of what looks like a parking garage with the car lights beaming. The video maintains a high level of energy throughout. I.Deal starts off the song with, “The name is I.Deal but don’t forget the dot, so we can skip the props I’d rather go and get some guap!” This is a dope line saying he does not even care if others respect him, he is securing the bag.

Mic Logik takes the second verse with memorable lines such as, “No we not the same type, most of y’all are lame or suspect like Kurt Cobain’s wife.” Comparing people in life that move snake-like, to the mystery behind the death of the late grunge rock music artist. WRDS takes the anchor verse with, “I’m loading my pioneer, I’m hoping to let it burst, W man no wonder that letters first, crumble up the paper I wrote up a better verse!” The way that line flows over the instrumental is definitely endorphin inducing. The whole song is a hit made by well pocketed verses from each of the three Chi-Native rappers.

Chi-Native has now released visuals to accompany their hit songs, GOOD ONE, PRINCESSA, TEN TOES, FLEX and INTRO (NATIVE TO
. These videos have been dropping every Friday in anticipation for their upcoming album PASSPORTS. We look forward to whats going to hit the airwaves next from Chi-Native!

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Here For a Good One, CHI-NATIVE Debuts New Single

I’ve been up, I’ve been down, feeling upside down-” WRDS begins the song with that catchy melody going into an uber lyrical verse. GOOD ONE from the upcoming collaborative album, PASSPORTS features WRDS, I.DEAL and Mic Logik, all trading off full verses, while adding richly sung vocals over the instrumental. The music video was directed and edited by Ron Guloy. GOOD ONE is produced by Ed Talenti, and the record was recorded, mixed and mastered by A.Quality. The CHI-NATIVE team consists of WRDS, I.DEAL, Mic Logik, and ThrowEmc.

It is refreshing to see three recording artists share the record so equitably, both in their lyrics but also in how their sounds all compliment each other quite well. Shot at what looks like a summer villa or home, showcasing the emcees living it up, drinking good liquor and playing chess. The CHI-NATIVE team has undeniable chemistry both on screen and in their sonic and lyrical content. Chicago has seen many groups come and go over the years in hip-hop, and CHI-NATIVE being so fresh, it is exciting to see how good they are already. The song has much replay value and will guaranteed have you bumping it over and over again. It is full of feel good moments, yet also a tad bittersweet, a classic in the making.

I’ve been moving these verses out like some Pirus up in the kitchen, I’m flying to get auditions, I’m squashing the competiton.” WRDS drops a line about his work ethic being comparable to that of hustlers in a gang, as well as him being on the go a lot. “I must have gotten my heart broke and never got it fixed, and so now they looking like targets that I just gotta hit.” I.DEALs verse is an emotionally charged one, as he describes the trials and tribulations of relationship experiences, and why he is the way he is now. I.DEAL also carries the main part of the chorus on, an amazingly high voice that you would not think was possible when hearing him rap.

Cause I feel like the time will come again when we will maybe speak, forgiveness is a strength of mine, and I don’t think that makes me weak, I think you need some introspection…” Mic Logik adds his third verse explaining his capacity for empathy and understanding is something a lot of other men lack. He also sings the “good one” hook adding another layer of vocal texture and surprising listeners while doing so. This single definitely has commercial appeal! GOOD ONE pulls deep reflections from each of the rappers on the lives they have lived so far, why they are hopeful for the future, and their presence in the current moment. “I’m not here for a long time, but I’m here for a good one, a good one,” the hook echoes in your head as you cherish being alive.

Each of the three CHI-NATIVE emcees evoke much thought and reminiscence in their lyricism while moving listeners to the good vibes of the hook and bridges. It is impressive they all sang and rapped on this instrumental. This trio has a strong sound together and Ever Evolved looks forward to their future drops every Friday. Get in tune with CHI-NATIVE! Be on the look out for their album PASSPORTS!

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A Lyrical Demigod In WRDS

Some people may feel talent is god given, 2nd nature, and others would argue that it is sculpted from practice, experience and passion. As an artist, WRDS seems to display a natural talent within his hip hop lyricism and flow. Seemingly spitting verses casually as he raps about life and his perspectives. Especially in his latest releases following up from his WINTER SOLSTICE EP, which was a great display of his lyrical ability.

Gods & Champions seems to be the theme surrounding his latest singles, ICARUS, NIMBUS II and CAMPEON. Strolling in casually with lo-fi, boom-bap styled beats rappin’, “the chosen one? I have to be, my pen never atrophies. Yea, god given, god taketh, yes a born sinner but this gift is not forsaken,” in ICARUS, who in greek mythology gained wax wings to fly but flew too close to the sun. In NIMBUS II, a storm cloud that reveals a god, a perfect metaphor for WRDS lyrical strength, “Chemtrails left from my Nimbus, I’m feelin refreshed, feelin tremendous. Dug my self up out the trenches, my rain drenches those who stand against us.” With CAMPEON, spanish for champion, he really proves just that he is one, using nothing but boom bap, letting his lyrics do all the work with his god like flow.

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Artist of the Week: WRDS Demonstrates Why He’s a Top Talent in Chicago with Winter Solstice.

Puerto Rican born and Chicago raised, WRDS has 4 albums under his belt; MORE THAN WRDS, SERCRET SESSIONS, SECRET SESSIONS II and finally, WINTER SOLSTICE. All records showcasing the utmost of lyrical dexterity, tight syncopated flow, and hard hitting relatable lines for anyone who has grown up and currently resides in a concrete jungle.

WRDS recruits Chicago recording artists Sonata, Clew, and fellow Chi-Native colleague Mic Logik to help add some depth to his album. They provide strong complimentary features and were perfectly incorporated onto the project. Overall out of ten songs, WRDS takes on eight of those tracks by himself. It is impressive when an emcee can put out a body of work that is palatable with a lack of features. It gives the listener a better idea of the true sound and style of the artist. Feature heavy records are great of course, but WRDS sets himself apart by releasing content that is mostly himself, having virtually no features on either of his previous SECRET SESSIONS releases and only one feature on MORE THAN WRDS.

Credit: @aqrunitback @thehitshop_

WRDS drops winter time wisdom with his latest release. Favorite and memorable tracks are WZRD, METAL FACE, and STARS. In WZRD he raps “Gotta wear a cape like batman, I ain’t gotta pay for the lap dance, i just gotta do me, truly, crazy how I became that man!” This hook is quite catchy and will have you guaranteed to put the track on repeat; it gives the listener a sense of empowerment and accomplishment in the face of adversity. In STARS, WRDS raps “See I swang with gorillas in the canopy, if I was them yes of course I would be mad at me this planet is my canvas and the universe my gallery!” This line hits a listener with that cosmic sense of touting you are one of the best and proving that within the analogy of a dope rap line.

WRDS strings together a plethora of rhymes relating to the cosmos leading up to that line, he builds up the song to the hook “We shoot for the stars, we shoot for the stars…” In METAL FACE, WRDS rhymes “Man I speak in facts, beef is what a vegan lacks, I’ve been breathing facts deep into my heathen raps, I tried to lead with love, now I gotta lead with stats, I don’t bleed blood, cut me what I bleed is black ink on a page, you just touch it and it’s me attached.” This was the craziest and most mind blowing string of rhymes to listen to on the record. The type of string that sends the shiver down your spine after realizing the meaning and piecing it together in the moment as one is listening.

Bravo to WRDS for his 4th release and getting hard core rap fans through the quarantine with quality enjoyable hip hop that makes you think. Going through the rest of WRDS catalog is highly recommended especially if you’re in the need of lyrical inspiration. His style is refreshing for all those that haven’t been privy to the Chicago heavy weight. Ever Evolved is anxiously anticipating more work from WRDS and the Chi-Native squad!

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WRDS Takes ‘Secret Sessions II’ To Chicago Streets with Native (Music Video)

True to his name, this artist deals WRDS heavily. From conscious lyricism to radio personalities, WRDS has great influence. What makes a dope artist is not only his talent but his role in supporting his fellow colleagues. But having so much accolades like winning first in Protect Your Essence in 2013 and placing top 20 out of 500 in No Sucka MC contest in New York does not hurt either. As a member of Chi-Native with Mik Logic, I.Deal and ThrowEmc provides a radio show every Tuesday (on their webiste linked below) for local Chicago artists to present their music. On his own time he is a lyrically ambitious MC and he just recently release an extension to his SECRET SESSIONS II project.

From his SECRET SESSIONS II LP, WRDS picks out the track NATIVE to add visuals to. Posted up among Chicago’s streets and graffiti murals, with visuals of the city’s skyline, he sends message of wisdom and wit to young artists. “Whats wrong little rapper friend, you angry and don’t want to rap again? Did no one show up to your show again?” He comes back with “Been there before you just need to vent” teasing at young artists the rough nature of the hip hop culture. His experience, Investing in himself and being his own man got him so lyrically inclined, he is able to fill another volume of SECRET SESSIONS with 8 tracks of knowledge that he recently released.

Stream SECRET SESSION II on below and follow his links below

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