Woman Crush Wednesday: Tink Does Not F*ck Around

Enjoying a busy year, Chicago’s R&B and Hip Hop Queen Tink had one more move up her sleeve before the New Year to complete her 2019 playlist. Already coming off of a successful LP VOICEMAILS, her 5th full length album, Tink decides to release one more single she calls F*CK AROUND. That is one thing she does not do when it comes to her vibe and her playlist as well, leading up to VOICEMAILS and her latest release! Experimenting with R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and Dance music, she always brings something unique to the table.

Of course it would not be complete without a dramatic and exciting music video. Directed by Damien Sandoval, Tink not only lyrically claims her loyalty and why, but she shows it in her own creative way. “You a street n*gga but I never cared about and image” as she pulls out a clip for a come up next to her man, she celebrates singing, “I know I’m a lot some time but you keep me on my grind.” Always playing out some interesting concept on the camera to back up her lyrical versatility, she once more shows why she sits on a throne among some of Chicagos greatest!

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Two Sides To Tink

Tink has been working hard in the studio since returning with Winters Diary 4 showing us how much of a dynamic woman she is. With her recent collab and release we get to see more. Always presenting herself strong and ambitious as she does in her Freestyle over the Ooouuu beat. A woman of this this taste has strong & tempting love too as expressed in her collab with Jacquees. Both with a passion for R&B they creatd a beautiful song Outta Line with no problem. Telling the Fader neither of them wrote the song they both just went into the booth and vibed off each other and the music and a story came out of it. Now that’s artistic expression.  

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