Säge, The 64th Wonder Passing Time With Seismic Boog

Reminding us that he is a formidable contender of hip hop and he can just brush it off while others bust a sweat. Säge, The 64th Wonder, visual artist and hip hop emcee, comes back with more new tunes. Serving up lyrical quakes with consistence, SEISMIC BOOG (freeverse) is his most recent to pass the time with! Picking up on his activity as he prepares to release his album NO SAD SHIT, JUST RAPS, following up from teasing some singles from the project.

Calling out you, me, and the whole room out from the start on SEISMIC BOOG (freeverse)Okay you say that you are next, so why are you distressed? I guess I called your bluff, cause every thing I’ve heard is just…” Such a bold tongue, you would think Seji has 20,000 ANGELS over him. Released on the 1st of February, 20,000 ANGELS is the second single from his new LP, following NAHGATO. Dropping lyrics like, “Im best at morphine words, ya’ll can’t contest, I told them oncee that i was the dude, ya’ll thought I’d slow up, but my blow up’s on the horizon.” He really is done from taking “a break just to clear the lane.”

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Säge the 64th Wonder Never Left, You Weren’t Paying Attention

When ge The 64th Wonder aka Seji,aka Shintendo is seemingly quiet in the rap/hip hop scene in terms of music, in actuality he never stopped releasing, producing and creating content. Namely his commissions of his unique animated art style that the Chicago scene and beyond cannot quite get enough of. It feels as though when ge gets bored or anxious, as all genius multi talented artists do, he jumps back into the rap arena and shows why he is been a staple of Chicago hip hop since 2012. But he was making waves even two years prior to that because of his skill and technicality off the jump and having a team of emcees and artists surrounding him, if you remember The Terra Godz.

You cannot cast Säge as just indie, hip hop, nerd core or anime rap. He is so much more than that considering he actually embodies a large part of the East Asian culture being a visual artist himself. He clearly studies and consumes the culture to a high degree. He is a fusion of a lot of things that really get fleshed out if you can actually go through his entire catalog. Säge has gone through numerous re-brandings and some classics that might not be available to listen to right now. Do not fret however since he is re-releasing some oldies quite soon as well as an album of brand new music in February.

Until then ponder, soak and absorb this. “Damn, will they ever play me for the masses?” Asks ge to an alternate version of himself, something like a conscience which in turn responds (using a higher shifted pitched voice) “Even if they don’t, I still feel you make the classics, still think you’re greater than the greatest in this rap shit, is that a question you’re asking? We’re passed this, Just pass this blunt.” Säge the 64th Wonder, the flagship leader of SlumpGang777, will have some amazing pieces to look forward to in 2020.

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