Saba Knows How To Live

Saba is back with some original singles. After his music video release of World In My Hands Saba followed through and took on the world. Following his Instagram account into Europe you see sold out venues for the Chicago local with support from Joseph Chilliams, Jamila Woods and Loona DaeBringing city influence overseas literally and they did it right.

Awaiting his return in Chicago as John Walt Day approaches for performances at Lincoln Hall; the newly founded John Walt Foundation on the back end of the operation. We will be expecting these recent hitters to be performed as well. Produced by Zack Villere, Saba releases 360 for the Adult Swim Singles program that been getting good reaction. MfnMelo joins the beat for How To Live produced by Saba himself bringing back Daoud.

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Saba Has The World In His Hands [Music Video]

Saba Pivot coming through heavy with a couple new pieces of work for the fans. After a successful Bucket List Project album release and tour to follow Saba is feeling unstoppable. To put that in perspective his Bucket List track World In My Hands with Smino and LEGIT gets visuals to feature the world literally in his hands. Directed by Tom Vin, the video keeps in line with the album project theme, including footage from photo shoot for the LP.

This of course follows a single release produced by himself and Daoud, There You Go another beat with a smooth vibe. Keeping busy after his LP between releases and touring he even fit in some collabs. Recently featured on Joseph Chilliams album that seen a fresh release this week. Saba is also said to be putting together a charity foundation in honor of his cousin and fellow hip hop artist John Walt which will give easier access to arts and supplies the youth. He will also take part in a European tour upcoming so match your vacation spots and catch this busy artist!

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The Saba Bucket List Project

Saba did it big late October with release of the 13 track Bucket List Project. Co Produced by Phoelix the Bucket List consist of many Chicago collaborators from Idol to upcoming. Phoelix gets a few verses, NoName also makes some noise along with Jean Deaux, Ravyn Lanae and Smino. Monte Booker hops on te MPCs for one track. The Project even gets the blessing from the Legend Twista. A dope playlist to chill to, most beats are mellow and vibrant and the many artists add soul and character to the project. The artists also shared their own short bucket lists between every track and it can be inspiring or just plain funny or agreeable. Take a listen.

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