HAYWARD On The Regular (Music Video)

Hayward is back with an update on some new visuals! Cruisin’ off his LP DIVINE INTERVENTION, released early in the year, he decides to revisit one of his hit singles! Hayward picks on REGULAR to pair with a music video and give the song even more life! The video is just a spacey as the beat itself, with old static television picture, as old video cassettes and popcorn lie around an old school box television and camcorder; adding a retro ambiance to the video, or nostalgia, for the 90’s kids. Hayward contemplates deeply in his lyrics about what it is to be REGULAR. Jumping on the beat with, “I been going through some shit, then again who isn’t. What would ya’ll do if you was put in my position, ain’t regular I was put here on a mission. Man you gotta make decisions.” Seemingly at odds with and ultimately accepting his divine purpose as opposed to a regular path; every artist or individual may bear this responsibility at one point or another in their creative journeys!

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Artist of the Week: the Ambi/\nce

The Ambi/\nce is another diverse artist making moves in Chicago. You may have seen him performing at random venues in Chicago or just out supporting the local artist culture. He helps keep it moving forward as well throwing & hosting events and even being apart of larger city organised events. He can certainly catch the attention of a crowds whenever he starts to make some noise.

Introduced to the Ambia/\nce at Millenium Park performing at T.I.P. (Teens in the Park) by YAS! Fest (Youth Art Showcase). From there the Ambi/\nce energy was instantly noticeable, and then on invitations to Ever Evolved events were met with success. Consistently winning over crowds at competitive open mic events, showing off his diversity live as he plays guitar, vocalizes and raps to the crowd with songs like his recent release REGULAR. Always coming up with something catchy to get the a crowd hyped and responding, REGULAR creates a balance between satirical and hyped lyricism.

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