DJ Curt Henny Drops The Bison Dele Mix

DJ Curt Henny is on fire, dropping another mix this month that will get you dancing. Following up from his birthday mix, RELEASE THE BALLOONS, from last week, he still has some energy! Tapping into his Latin roots, his latest mix, BISON DELE (named after the NBA star) and the aforementioned, is based around the reggae genre. A versatile DJ, Curt Henny jumps between genres often, keeping a open library in his head between hip hop, trap, reggae artists and more!

Previous mixes, like his S.U.S.H.I. mixes, were geared towards hip hop and trap. Hearing all these mixes you can see the diversity in his style and his playlist. There is a lot of history in learning which songs to like, and which ones get the dance floor moving. Recently DJ Curt Henny joined Ever Evolved‘s Familiar Faces Podcast with the Dog and Pony Show, and talked about his experiences in music. Talking about his upbringing, inspirations and event experiences, you can get a interesting perspective on Curt Henny and the lifestyle of a DJ.

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