Jason Nkanga Claims Life After Redemption

Jason Nkanga, A South London hip hop artist with some Chicago connections, rides the wave of his most recent LP REDEMPTION. Released just over a year ago, it has great replay value with a couple notable Chicago artists on the project. Mick Jenkins and theMind make an appearance on REDEMPTION, the KNOW YOU BETTER collab with theMind receiving the music video treatment just recently, after Thanksgiving. Carrying such quality and credibility on the project gives Nkanga a strong position among the hip hop community, especially in Chicago.

Coming off with real cinematic entertainment value as you start off with the INTRO; the audio of footsteps, passing cars and conversation with a driver, places you right in the middle of the scene with the artist. Nkanga notes, to publisher IAMNEXT, that he wanted a real life feel to REDEMPTION, not just another song but one you can visualize and be apart of. It leads you into the fast paced track, RUNNING WITH ME, that gives you a sense of urgency, with its quick, percussive, tribal-esque rhythm and higher pitched sounds and ringing, matching with the speed and flow of Jason. A good sonic metaphor to the way in which his life moves, as he also explains it to be about keeping up with him as an artist, because he does not intend on slowing down or stopping.

The next track, TURN GREAT, brings you back with an eerie audio loop, and beat work that gives a very casual energy to the track. A kind of beat that you want to emphasize your best lyrical ability to compliment its quality, and what better way that to boast your ambition and greatness, turning it into an anthem for hustlers. Bridging the concept with ease into the interlude, I PUT IN EVERYTHING, a more mellow lo-fi beat, making statements in his lyrics highlighting his dedication to music. Solid performance even before the you hear the Chi-town features, and even then those tracks have a small part for them, complimentary to Jason Nkanga. He can clearly stand alone with strong confidence that his music stand the test of time!

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