Get Back to the Porn & Chicken Experience

Porn & Chicken is back making some noise with their wild antics and new music for their chicken heads. If you are still somehow unfamiliar with this trio consisting of Orville Kline, Dom Brown and Phives from Chicago get out from under that rock! Starting out with more relaxed weekly sessions at Risqué in Chicagos Wrigleyville, they have made their name for having the wildest Monday night parties at evilOlive with some of the biggest names in the national Dubstep & Bass community. They have since moved on to theMID to do the same but as you should know the historic venue met its end with a streak of farewell parties from late last summer well into January 2019. But that of course does not stop this party machine.

Porn & Chicken, quick on their feet using all of their recources, following their 8th year anniversary banger, have been hitting shows and festivals back to back with names like Midnight Conspiracy, Figure, Virtual Riot, Bommer, He$h, Axilon and more with multiple collaborations with Planet Filth. Now they are back to their Porn & Chicken experience this time at Bottom Lounge on a monthly basis with an 18+ crowd, so you can get your ass in line for some free chicken wing and public porn viewing. Initiating the return with a vampire lingerie themed costume party Friday March 22nd, they will be taking advantage of the Lounges stage to perform as a live act! Of course equipped with some new tracks as well like their first releases of the year Get Back with RAAKMO and Step in the Flames with Steve Gerard. Expect nothing short of hedonist behavior because these guys know how to influence a crowd.

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Porn And Chicken Dance Party

PornAndChickenpic If you do not know about Porn And Chicken Dance Party then you are missing out on one of the most wildest DJ’s and weekly parties that hit Chicagos nightlife. About a half decade ago, with what started as a chill weekly friendly session at Risqué in Wrigleyville, blew up into one of Chicago’s hottest weekly night spots at evilOlive in Wicker Park. Packed with sexy dancers and beautiful bartenders that are commited to the weekly themes and ofcourse, the porn and free chicken, you are guaranteed a one of a kind experience that you may or may not remember. Awarded with a Chicago Night Life Award for best weekly party, and probably will again this year cause I mean c’mon have you been to their parties? Their continued success gives the Porn and Chicken crew huge opportunities, bringing the party to venues and festivals to places like New Orleans, Las Vegas, Japan and playing with artists like Bro Safari, Ookay, Kill the Noise, Zebo, Trentino, Bingo Players and way more! They might as well put take over the world on the to do list. PornAndChickenSAMF Along with being hosts of the craziest party the PnC crew, Dom Brown, Orvile Kline and Phives, pump out some of craziest big room bangers that you can rage to. Being professional filthy party animals these guys know how to get a crowd going. So knowing that they have the ability to produce these super energetic tracks that really make the dance floor go nuts. To add to that they give out their tracks for free on their soundcloud so you can add them to your mix! Check out their latest hit Watcha Want, download it for free and stick around we will keep you updated on their weekly parties in our event page! Follow Porn And Chicken on soundcloud and facebook. Follow Ever Evolved on facebook and twitter.