Ness Heads Won’t Die In A Flashback: Woman Crush Wednesday

Ness Heads came to attention here at an Ever Evolved through one of our Empower HerStory events in 2018. Her energy was laid back but hard to ignore, as she calmly spits some raw verses into the mic for the crowd. Seemingly fragile, yet her words are powerful, she has not lost that touch with her newest release, DIE IN A FLASHBACK, featuring another Chicago artist femdot. Allowing her self vulnerability but strength at the same time, to face doubts, hesitations and the past dwelling within, as all artists do, especially during such stagnating times that 2020 brought. This track can serve as a reminder not to dwell on the past and DIE IN A FLASHBACK, but instead, to pick yourself up create new moments and ignite passion for life. A deep message wrapped up in a dope hip hop track, with heavy bass, high hat and snare beat work, and a head boppin’ rhythm; the change up between femdot and Ness is just nasty, the two compliment each others flow flawlessly.

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