Myka 9 Is Hot This Year With New Releases

For those new to the name, you are not alone, Myka 9 has a style and quality that only the die hard hip hop fans dig deep enough for, past all mainstream glamour. Deep enough to find his ghost written work for N.W.A. in the late 80’s, or his West Coast influence with Freestyle Fellowship in the 90’s. With a flow and confidence great enough to challenge great names like RUN DMC and LL Cool J in battles, and be complimented by others like Talib Kweli and Jay-Z. Myka 9 has has been an iconic lyrical figure for 30 years, committed to the roots and soul of Hip Hop. Still going strong with new music, he evolves with contemporary sounds but keeps the same conscious energy with one of his latest EP releases, CONSTELLATIONS with Adriatic, featuring artists Abstract Rude, Jada Brown, Mika’il Atiq and Halfway Human; which is to be followed up by PEOPLE INTO MAKING PROGRESS with Factor Chandelier.

Myka 9 | Constellations | Adriatic

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