M.Whise Offers Hip Hop Therapy with Heal.

How do you expect me to heal? Things that we did to survive, like were we even alive?” The last line pierces the heart of listeners in M.Whise chorus, on his new song, HEAL. He takes a slower melodic flow in his signature deep gravelly voice, and poses many philosophical questions about life. M.Whise brings up ideas that will have a listener thinking about the cycle of life and death.

If heaven is really a place, I hope that the studio decent.” A relatable line for all recording artists; the idea of getting to continue making music in the afterlife. “I’m so afraid of the day that I’m forced to show people the actual me,” the thought that M.Whise would have to become violent in defense of himself, is something he wishes he will not have to face. Because if that happens, the beast is unleashed.

Tables start changing on me, sending shots aiming for me, occasionally, you gotta get in that bag, and say bitch stop playing with me.” M.Whise is alluding to people that have switched up their energy on him, or have done him dirty in the past. At the end of they day, one has to stay focused on securing their income, and not worry about the hatred. Something M.Whise certainly understands well enough to translate that message into a song!

HEAL by M.Whise is a cathartic and therapeutic track. Bump Heal today, its perfect for those lock down blues.

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