Laura Burke Is A Hardcore Queen: Woman Crush Wednesday

Laura Burke made some noise recently with some powerful words for herself and her female listeners. Exclusively on her Soundcloud around the month of March, for Womans History Month, Laura releases WOMAN. A proud declaration to her divine femininity, and she did not hesitate to put some edge to it. Not following the modest old school ideal of a woman, however the genre may cross the time spectrum itself. Right off the bat her energy and lyrics expresses intensity and power, “So you want to shoot me down cause I’m a woman, think you’re so special, how, cause you’re a man? Want to tell me how to live like a woman, you clearly don’t know what I am! To look this good, while kicking ass…” With a simple piano tune and a speakeasy aura about her voice, Laura illustrates just what her lyrics express, a fierce elegant woman! Follow her Spotify account and check out her singles and EP’s!

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