Larcin and Sim Bleek Team Up For LarSim

Chicago recording artist Larcin recently dropped a full length album, completely produced by frequent collaborator Sim Bleek. Entirely recorded and engineered at Sonic Palace, with Sim Bleek on the production, Larcin also secured features from Wilhelm Duke, Inca and Lil Moe. MOTION, featuring Lil Moe, is a stand out record on the LP. Larcin wrote a melody that feels like some type of late 90’s pop composition.

Yeah they want to talk about it, but they hoping, yeah they wanna lock it down, but its open.” Larcin writes catchy lines, and this hook alone has much replay value. “Know I be running, I’m running the laps, you think its funny, I hope that you laugh.” Larcin does not waste any opportunity through the album to let his listeners know, he does not pay attention to the hate, slander, or vitriol.

The intro track, HURDLES is another notable listen. Larcin starts out the song with, “Lately I’m feeling amazing, I been like, looking and gazing, I know they tell me Im crazy, people can love me or hate me, fuck it you fake, you fugazi.” This a more expounded way of Larcin saying hes got his blinders on, and will not let the minute opinions of others affect him. This song has a great flow and vocal performance from Larcin, be on the look out for a visual for it coming soon.

With only three features on a fifteen track LP, Larcin takes on most of the records by himself. That is certainly an impressive feat, especially for only having three previous releases under his belt. The three previous projects all being six songs in length, the growth here on LARSIM is definitely noticeable and tremendous. Stream LARSIM on Larcin’s SoundCloud profile!

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