Julian Xtra x Miss Chiff Music Video Collab

Julian Xtra has had a lot of fun poking fun at gimmicks with his nickname Sex the Rapper building controversy, hate, love and followers. With a brilliantly marketed ep dubbed the Sex Tape he pulled off some dope songs and collabs. Recently remixing Too Much Pride with Miss Chiff the two pull a music video with it as well following a Something, Something Something video collab.

The two compliment each other perfectly working on other singles together like Waste of Space and Duality. They shine bright alone as well with Xtra touring outside the city making himself known easily with his unmatched lyrical ability. Miss Chiff collabing with other female artists like DEVMO & Fury further self managing and releasing independent singles . She is one impressive lyricist with many styles you need in your playlist.


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Sex The Rapper

As a social experiment or just cause he can JXL recently came up with a name change and we are not complaining. Sex The Rapper is known for his lightning fast syllables and rhymes in his mind bending and tongue twisting verses here in Chicago. This talent is getting attention and collaborations like one with Palmer Squares would be inevitable with even more popular artists!

If you can catch up with his words you know he always comes packed with a message. Usually it will be along the lines of reviving Hip Hop and spread love. Holy Ghost has that same unifying message while Flexin he is doing just that. Very energetic track. Never a dull moment with this artist. Most conscious rappers will be blunt and honest so if you can handle their words and their styles you will hear some inspiration over some real raw beats. The best kind of art comes from within and Sex comes from the soul! You know what I mean.

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Miss Chiff Movin Up w/ JXL

Check out one of the hotter female hip hop and rap artists of Chi Town. There is no lack of diversity in Chicagos music scene in any genre. Miss Chiff brings out JXL on the mic to pack Movin Up with more talent and energy. The second single released off an upcoming album project. Keep your eyes peeled for a music video. Just one of many collab projects these two artists have worked on together. The two flow smoothly. Miss Chiff on a few verses and the chorus back and forth between JXL, another lightning quick rapper that can probably rival Twista dare I say. There is just something about Chicago that breeds expert wordsmiths.

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