Even The Lord Knows, StankNasty Got Bars

Without hesitation, StankNasty releases yet another track this year, as we await the impending release date of his LP EPIC-EP. Withholding any more singles from the aforementioned project, StankNasty still has some loosies to give away before the big release! Just dropping a new one, THE LORD KNOWS, with AMK and producer Johnny Innuendo, the collaboration comes forward with a divine presence! With somber, operatic synths to mimic the energy of a temple of prayer, AMK hits the flow on the intro, and StankNasty follows up with the zeal of a rap prophet. “Even tho I got all the muscle, ya’ll want to keep on flexin’. When it comes time to hustle, I embody the perfection. I giveth and I taketh, though shall never disrespect him.” After experiencing his divinity, THE LORD KNOWS we will be blessed to hear some more!

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