Moonlight Ascends With EP Release!: Artist of the Week

Moonlight levels up with his latest release, his 3rd EP packed with 4 tracks! Coming from Chicagoland area Moonlight can consider himself a promoter in unison with hip hop artist & producer, having helped with festivals with Ever Evolved. He also had this 3rd EP mixed in Ever Evolved Studios with RhymSter, and produced entirely by TurnitUp Kev, with Orlando Coolridge on the cover art. The 4 song project, ASCENSION is available on Bandcamp to purchase as well as Spotify and Youtube.

Starting with I DON’T KNOW WHY lays out the unfortunate circumstances of fatal drug use, as most mainstream hip hop tends to promote it, it is commendable to promote the opposite, and open minds to opportunity! MAGIC KINGDOM follows with a melodic guitar intro before the beat drops and Moonlight chimes in, rapping about the longing of significant other, at odds with an internal conflict, a deep and sentimental tune. RELEASE sounds and feels like a dream state at the intro, Moonlight enters with, “smoking on trees, you don’t know me, releasing my demons they leave as I breath. Achieving my peace wasn’t easy, Stuck to my guns…” Moon gets introspective in this track, connecting with the listener through his own coping mechanism and perspective! ROLLIN the perfect end to the ASCENSION, on a good note and high energy, literally, “Breakin it down, rollin it up, we Rollin! Smokin’ all night smokin’ on good, We chokin’!” That Would be a fun one to chant live.

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