G.T.I.M. Drops FiYaH, A True Midwest Chopping Anthem.

G.T.I.M. has incredible skill and dexterity as an emcee and lyricist. His single and music video to FIYAH, exemplify this well! The song was produced by CuzzinVinny90, and the video was produced by Harry L.A.W. Johnson of G1NE Media. “Ask the homies, I be only writing FiYaH,” repeated over for the hook, before an uptempo verse where G.T.I.M. raps. “I’m a killa spitta from the Chi, Ain’t talking bullets when I make a rapper die. Merk with the words and the verbs thats why, everybody rally when I pull up to the spot!” G.T.I.M. explains here that his talent with rapping is lethal, he kills it every time, and he has his community’s support!

The visual is a dope horror-core piece, where G.T.I.M. is dressed up a cleric or priest who is performing an exorcism on a woman who is seemingly possessed. The set is super dope and scary; lots of dark colors, reds, pentagrams, fire, candles, chains and edits bring this music video together, hitting the mark with the theme of spitting FIYAH. Later in the second verse G.T.I.M. chops, “When I pull up to the party they think I’m illuminati, chopping up on a rapper, I slap em with the karate!” This line flowed well and makes one laugh in regards to the Illuminati line, it is a running joke that famous rappers always have to sell their souls to become successful. G.T.I.M. plays off this idea more in the second verse, while maintaining how effortless it is for him to write and flow.

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