TheWorldInKaos Not Holding Back With Words On New Release: Artist of the Week

When you got a lot of energy the best way to use it as an artist is through creation. TheWorldInKaos sits on a newly released single, HOW I FEEL, laying out his mind with no filter, “Ya’ll lames can’t f**k with me, not even on my worst day.” You cannot even say he is lying, with a beat produced by Excuse My French, TheWorldInKaos dominates the track lyrically. As well as recently being featured on Shade45 Sirius XM with a number of elite Chicago hip hop artists like GHerbo, Vic Spencer, MOECYRUS, RhymSter and Radcliff Music to name a few. In his words, he is “Bout to have the whole city shakin off the richter scale, like an earthquake, getting money in different ways, think I care what you make?HOW I FEEL is a raw summer track to turn up to when you know the words!

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