AzMattic Speaks His Mind On The Great Divide

It is no question the social and political atmosphere in America is in question, and tensions between the elite & political classes and the working class is at an all time high. AzMattic expresses his thoughts on the situation laying down some bars on a paced hip hop beat. DIVIDED comes out as a music video, taking place in what looks like a political office and scenes from a news program, as AzMattic takes on the disguise of a career politician with the gray hair, mustache, suit & tie, doing the only thing politicians can do correctly; practicing golf and wasting time. This will be a follow up to his EP Project THE JAZZ CIGARETTE with RhymSter.

A political tune may not the sexiest music idea, but AzMattic lays it down smoothly with cool flow and compassion, remaining as neutral as Switzerland. Following a soundbite of known political crook Richard Nixon, AzMattic says out loud what we are all thinking quietly, “It’s pitiful that they can be this criminal, and we just have to take it like some vacant individuals. This ain’t forgivable, it’s time to make another option, I’m talking starting fresh and eliminating all corruption.” But he also lays out more than just a solution, but a blueprint, “Search your local shop keeper when you seek consumption, if you want to hurt them, then you got to hit their pockets; they wont notice change until they notice that there’s loss of profits.” But until we stand up and take charge and responsibility of America ourselves as individuals, might as well turn up the volume on this AzMattic music video; it is just as much political theater as what you see on your television, but with more knowledge and effectiveness.

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