Artist of the Week: T.Z. Duhh With T.Z. Tuesdays

Consistency is the key to anyone’s success. It is about keeping your brand fresh and ever present, so followers can have a constant flow of your new content or services. Not only that, but you also have to consider the consistency of the presentation that has attracted your following. For artist T.Z. Duhh, this would mean lyricism and output of new music, and he has been taking consistency to a whole ‘nother level!

When people follow an artist, they are constantly hungry for new material, and since the start of the year, T.Z. Duhh has been replenishing the appetite of his followers, every single week. Calling the campaign T.Z. Tuesdays, so far he has not missed a week of releasing beats, a heavy feat for many artists, as a good amount of would go up to a year or more without releasing new content. You would think TZ would get tired of his delivery, possibly straining his lyrical abilities, but he has only been growing stronger and better. This is proven by the play count of his last track SHOPPING SPREE, which gained upwards of 5k views in just a week, which is followed by this weeks release, DEVIL EYES.

Going back three weeks, T.Z. releases ULTRA, a track full of energy and motivating, hyped lyrics promoting his personal values. “I’m here to do the impossible, so you cannot tell whats possible. Never gave up, I stuck to it. Nike I run up a check, Nike the way I just do It, Nike I only want checks.” SHOPPING SPREE is more down tempo, with a little darker, powerful energy to its lyricism, which would feature artist JDP. Finally DEVIL EYES, you can imagine the sinister quality to the track, starting out with a nasty beat and slowed lyrics for the deep effect on the voice. He fires off with; “Starin’ in the mirror, what is it i see? My demons in me, I guess that’s one thing we agree, I guess the demon’s really me. All the hell I seem to bring, crown the fire, guess I’m king. Want the watch, exchange the rings, would you give your soul to me?” A real track to vibe to, and if that is not enough, T.Z. Duhh even released a music video recently for ALL GOOD, keeping you entertained for a while to come. Stay tuned for more T.Z. Tuesdays!

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