Dat Bizness Reminisces About The Streets.

In another authentic Chicago sound and visual from Dat Bizness, he brings an upbeat and positive perspective on his background, and how he has persevered through it. “Mama gave me $10 bills, told me go and grab Sandra tacos. First he was there and then he was gone, so I’m asking mom where my pops go.” FROM THE STREETS is only two minutes long with two verses and two hooks. Dat Bizness is surprisingly able to fit a large amount of story telling in this short song. It must be listened through multiple times over again in order to catch everything because of the pacing, its replay value, and the hook is one you can dance and vibe out to.

I am from the streets, brothers carry heat. Watch out for police, hustle hard gotta eat. We just trying to live take care of our kids, born in the system it is what it is,” the hook rapped by Dat Bizness would have an audience up off of their feat and having fun. This song is appealing for its sophistication, with the lines detailing Dat Bizness’ background and lifestyle, coupled with the jazzy, saxophone melody, boom bap instrumental. The song is fast paced and makes a listener think, while also moving them to the rhythm. It is not easy to combine those aspects (fun and complexity) in music, and successfully doing so is absolutely worthy of praise.

Dat Bizness ends the song reminding listeners where he is from. “8806 South Burley street I grew up in the new buildings damn!” He is no stranger to the neighborhoods that shaped the talent and phenom known as Dat Bizness.

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Dat Bizness Delves Deep with Blunt Ducks

An authentic Chicago sound with a flow as complex as the lyrics, BLUNT DUCKS by Dat Bizness is peppered with social commentary. His style reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco, Common, and Tupac; Dat Bizness channels everything dope about the old school into fresh new flavor. Not sparing a moment when it comes to explaining something realistic and unfortunate. “East side streets turned me to a monster… Man we was born in the drama, now we immune to the trauma, crooked cops got the streets bubbling, sauna.” Those lines speak about Chicago conditions on the South Side, which is why his music might remind one of Common.

The distinction in how Dat Bizness jumps from phrase to phrase or bar to bar in the style of Lupe Fiasco is evident in these few lines: “Too a unique, mystique, I peep the creeps in the street, you weak, I’m too deep for us to even speak, no sleep, just me and my mic, two deep, my words on beat, you heard like a few sheep!” That run of rhymes can reminds one of songs off of TETSUO AND YOUTH, or even early Lupe. The video compliments the lyrics in an upbeat, socially conscious and fashionable way.

Dat Bizness is shown getting a line up from a barber, (everyone will need one after this is all over) while performing with and without the mask, that is symbolic of the current times dealing with COVID-19. Pairing this with the lyrics, and you have an electrifying social statement and critique of modern times. Dat Bizness once again drops a classic, in the making, hip hop track representative of Chicago.

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I Ain’t Going: Dat Bizness Is Back With Authentic Hip Hop Style

The visual to this record has to be one of the most touching music video intros you have seen. Dat Bizness shows off his family, unafraid of presenting himself as a father, a proud black man who provides for and loves his family. He is even matching with his youngest son, AJ.

There is a lot of negativity perpetuated as a form of self expression from the experiences that young black men go through coming up in Chicago. Dat Bizness takes these experiences and flips a lyrically positive spin. He still makes it clear these are very real times to be alive and negative things are still obviously going on. With the main phrase and theme of the record being I AIN’T GOING, there is much about the surroundings and lifestyles of Chicago that Dat Bizness is rightfully against.

I AIN’T GOING presents lines that pierce the emotions and thoughts of the listener like, “Black girls going missing, times real!.. White man pulling me over while I’m behind the wheel, but I ain’t dying today, that’s what my mind wills!” Followed by “Grew up with the gods but the devils call us n***as, either or, even odds!.. Jo, this is top shelf from the basement though, this that smoking blunts in staircases flow, scarred faces, stressed thoughts, broke dreams, turn some to kings and queens, turn some to dope fiends!” Dat Bizness has been in the Chicago hip hop community for a while now but this new record and visual is elevating him quickly; reminding the rest of us to focus on the craft and the pen game first.

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Video & Header Photo: Johnny Garcia

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