Chore Boy Teases New Album With Michael Phelps Meal and Vision.

BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CO-SIGN” is the title of the upcoming album being put out by Chore Boy, in collaboration with Brad Kemp. If you are not already familiar with the extensive body of work by these two, go to your favorite streaming service right now and look them up! Chore Boy and Brad Kemp have released multiple full length records, featuring many different underground sensations.

The first single coming off their latest record is MICHAEL PHELPS MEAL, featuring the two emcees that make up the trio Jyroscope. Jyroscope is made up of emcees Collasoul Structure and I.B. Fokuz as well as a producer, DJ Seanile. The lyrics from Chore Boy’s hook ring true in its anti selfishness message. “Michael Phelps meal, we could all eat, don’t swim too far, we could all eat. You can’t see shore, you should calm down, we have land here, we could all eat!

Chore Boy steps off his door step looking like a snack, smelling like a pack and delivers an uber lyrical verse. “Most of my homies never listened to what their elders told them, lost in Oblivion like Elder Scrolls was.” Chore Boy once again structures an impressive composition on a record, writing an attention grabbing hook, a sophisticated verse and recruiting Jyroscope for the complimentary pieces that fit into this song perfectly.

The second track that Chore Boy released in collaboration with Brad Kemp, from the upcoming LP “BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CO-SIGN,” is “VISION” featuring Chicago’s Boys V.S. Girls. Originally this song was written to the instrumental from the TYGA song, TASTE featuring Offset. That was a hit from the summer of 2018. Originally upon hearing Chore Boy’s version we knew, whatever beat eventually received those lyrics for permanent wax would be fire.

VISION is no exception to Chore Boy’s signature hook style, with his lyrical crooning and masterfully crafted multiple meanings. His lyrics evoke much thought and require a mental breakdown to absorb all the layers. “Keep my code of ethics Hammurabi, need an eye for an eye. Losing teeth in my dreams, need your smile then goodbye.” According to Chore Boy himself, the lines symbolize the idea of losing control, and wanting collateral for the pain inflicted by someone he fell out with; the philosophy of an ‘eye for an eye.

Boys V.S. Girls comes in with a high energy, almost Tupac-like sound and flow. He yell raps in a melodic fashion that also seems to channel 90’s grunge. Overall the song is well crafted and, as always, Chore Boy curates a well fitted feature on his record. Be on the lookout for Chore Boy and Brad Kemp’s “BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CO-SIGN” featuring many talents from Chicago and abroad, coming out August 26th.

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