Artist of the Week: From Barber to Beat Maker, ADotmixedit and Sound Minded Recordings.

In a modest gated community in West Chicagoland, somewhere past the gentrified and still developing neighborhoods, resides a self made businessman and entrepreneur by the name Aki Johnson aka ADotmixedit. You might be familiar with him if you have ever heard music from CantBuyDeem. ADot has engineered a lot his projects, most notably the NOT 4 SALE mix tapes. He runs a professional recording studio out of his own home in Galewood, IL. His business is called Sound Minded Recordings.

He also owns and runs a barbershop called Barber By Nature located in Hanover Park, IL. He drew inspiration from a famous record cover art by Naughty By Nature themselves, eventually getting shouted out by Vin Rock of the legendary hip hop trio. Now ADotmixedit is gearing up to make his own waves in the music industry. Starting with his work with CantBuyDeem, as well as a versatile catalog of artists including Eyeball, Gitta Thompson, Kasean, Pop Pizzle, Monster Clique, and more!

ADotmixedit is a certified engineer from the RRFC; which stands for Recording Radio Film Connection, under the tutelage of Miller Street Studios. It was here that he was able to hone his craft and learn about the theory behind audio engineering. His own studio is high tech, including a lot of the industry standard hardware and even his own custom modifications.

Sound Minded Recordings utilizes dual Raven MTI screens, an Avantone mono for mixing, Yamaha NS10s, 2030 3 Way EVENTS, Universal Audio Interface with the Avalon software. Slate Digital MS1, MPCX with the 16 beat pad, AKAI 61 Advance, and lastly a custom analog mixer he is building to attach under his Universal Audio interface. Safe to say that ADotmixedit has put quite a lot of time and money into his set up! But now that he has a fully functional studio, it is time for him to not only maintain it, but continue to grow and expand his small business acumen of recording and music clients.

ADotmixedit believes in engineering music that he can actively get behind, support, or feel. If he does not think the music is good, or has enough energy he will not touch it regardless of the paycheck. He is not in the music industry as an engineer solely to make money, he wants to create amazing works with artists that he truly can promote and be proud of. And that deserves respect because it is about taking the craft of music seriously and giving time and attention to those creatives that deserve it.

From mixing music using tape decks, which no one even knows how to do anymore, to mixing music digitally using Logic and ProTools; ADotmixedit has seen things come and go in the recording industry through out his life. From being in an analog studio with 100 track mixers to using mixers only in the DAWs; ADotmixedit understands how music technology has changed over time, couple that with his experience, ear, and musical training; and Sound Minded Recordings will soon be a blossoming recording house.


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