Isael X Lost Seeking Direction

Chicagos own Isael X is making his rounds on soundcloud. Most commonly known for his LSD volume series, Isael did a feature on a track dubbed Cold World with fellow Chicagoan Marvelous. Produced by Born Ready The track itself is part of I Accept Your Apology, an LP by Marvelous under Private Stock Studios.

As said before, it is still holds truth today; Isael X has a good ear. Every track you hear Isael perform on is of top quality production. Connecting with many great artists with great skill level such as fellow Chicagoan 5heriff who produced Triangulate amongst others. Another rich track for Isael featuring Mfn Melo.

Although Isael has since removed his previous LSD mixtape series from soundcloud any long time fan knows the talent this man has started with and continues with. His latest installment of LSD, Lost Seeking Direction. This mixtape, released a few months back, has been a long time coming. Featuring creatives such as Bsick, CEO, Deemed, Invictous, amongst many. Loyal fans know the craving for new music, for such quality production from hard working and talented artists. At long last the craving was satisfied! Marking a return to Isael X music.

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Throw Back Thursday With Present Day Spins

Credits to Jerry Folk for their edited photo of Baby Bash

This week I thought I would broadcast the attention on one of my favorite songs from the early 2000’s; Suga Suga by Baby Bash. One thing that I noticed was that this song is actually making a comeback in a unique way. Local and mainstream DJs are remixing and making the song their own. From the ones I have  heard, each artist is adding something a little different, from funk, to wispy synths, to deep bass. Although it has changed, it still carries the heart and character of the original.  Check them out! I left a few of my favorites from SoundCloud below.

More from Baby Bash

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Verbal Warfare 3 Is A Wrap!

This past Saturday, we are proud to announce the winners of Verbal Warfare 3 Tag Team edition: Mike Booth and AR from our very own Ever Evolved team! The win was not easy though, beating out 6 other duos that were in attendance, and overall won a cash prize of 400 dollars. The venue, Subterranean in Wicker Park, was well crowded, with at least 75 people in attendance. The team of Ever Evolved, Varie Magazine and J. Norm also had slight success with the raffle, raising 50 dollars for Sacred Transformations. The people that entered and won the raffle were ecstatic about winning their prizes. When the winner for the art piece by Mark, owner of  The Black Couch Studio And Art Gallery was announced, he waved his ticket in the air, so filled with joy that he got to take home the 3 foot beauty. Overall, it was a very successful night for all three teams and we’ll be looking forward to part 4 in the upcoming months.

Hermitude Origins & New Music [Music Videos]


If you cannot get enough of Hermitude you are in luck. Right here is a music video for the duo’s most recent track Searchlight. With Yeo on the vocals and Hermitudes raw production talent they have together created a track to light up the dance floors yet again. Synths blaring and trumpets sample pumping over manipulated vocals and snares; this song gives a feeling of enlightenment when the beat drops.

If that is not enough you are in luck if you live on planet Earth. Hermitudes 5th studio album Dark Night Sweet Light has been released worldwide since Aug 28th. Complete with our favorite tracks Ukiyo, Through The Roof and The Buzz. The Buzz as well as Through The Roof both went through some tearing down and rebuilding by a bunch of talented artists in Hermitude remix EP’s since their Australian release. Both those songs respectively got their own music videos with them as well. If you want to hear the full album go and download it on iTunes.

The album also comes in with a Dark Night Sweet Light Origin Series project. The video series has is covering Hermitudes origins over the years leading up to their 5th studio album and the making of. Quickly explaining how the duo met and what music inspired them and what their plans are for the future. These guys sound ready to show the world what they got and with the music they have been releasing we can vouch for their serious talent. Stay tuned on their youtube channel to follow Origin.

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Psalm One Loves You

Photo/Art credit to Psalm One/Hologram Kizzle
Photo/Art credit to Psalm One/Hologram Kizzie

If you are unfamiliar with this rapper chick here is a little introduction. Grew up in the south side of Chicago, made education a priority and graduated at UIC with a chemistry degree. Then she decided she was gonna blow your minds with inspiring hip hop music and soulful lyrics. Since then she has worked hard releasing music and has shared the stage with the likes of 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Rakim, Atmostphere, A-Trak, Gym Class Heroes and also fellow Chicagoans Flosstradamus and Probcause who is the probably the reason I myself jam to this rapper chicks music.

You may know her as Psalm One. Others may know her as Hologram Kizzie; and others, the first lady of Rhymesayers Ent. One thing for sure is that she is super dedicated to the music; she has kept her self busy. From creating Rhymeschool a youth program to creating her hip hop group RapperChicks to collabing with artists like her Zro Fox project with Probcause, this cat is more than inspiring if there is a word for it, gotta admire her character and work ethic. One top of that she has just released her 3rd studio Album P.O.L.Y. and is in the middle of her DIY tour.

P.O.L.Y. is a 10 track masterpiece with smooth instrumentals and quality production and lyricism. It is also her most collaborative effort as well, there are a lot of artists on this album; Drew Mantia, The Omy’s, My Gold Mask, Kyle Miller, Wes. P and the Rapperchicks who were there with here from the start of the album she told Complex. The whole album seems to be an outlet of emotion and creation of this point in her life, experimenting with relationships from monogamy to polyamory. You can hear the passion and soul in the music and lyrics, it hits heavy and but leaves a smooth vibe, and excellent production on the beats. This artist is one of a kind if you have not noticed already! Do not be snoozin on Kizzie! Follow her and make sure to listen to P.O.L.Y.!

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Coming out of Chicago, Cofresi brings a whole new sound to the the streets with mellow synths progressions and fresh beat work to put you in the zone. With an original take on music comes a unique musical outlet and when Cofresi performs live he brings to the table live drumming back to back with with live midi controller where he controls samples, melodies basslines and the works. A live show that can really control the energy of the room. Since experiencing Cofresi live during a show on a tour with Probcause I myself have been an avid follower keeping up with his new tunes.

The talent coming out of this man comes from some many years of dedication to his craft. At the age of just 4 years he grew a love for drumming and later after he took to learn and practice piano. Eventually learning to produce electronically to combine his live drumming, piano work and knowledge of music till then to create future bass style music with his own creative edge. Now he is performing live and working alongside artists like Cherub, Gramatik, Earphunk and fellow Chicagoan Probcause who collabs with Cofresi frequently; as recently as featuring him on his lastest album Drifters. Working with artist like these is helping him take off with his music and all the experience is helping his sound get even better as he continues to produce newer work.

Bellenova and Fuk’M are recent tracks, however not the point of emphasis of this post. I just want you to get a feel of the artist, really feel where he is coming from. His most recent body of work is as fresh as is gets. Starting with a track called Flute, Nuveau this 5 track ep takes off into a whirlwind of mellow synth patterns and basslines with flawless beatwork. Flute is the base of the ep right off the bat starting with unique sounds and patterns with the woodwind and leading into future bass break down and the energy continues into Smoke’N. Mode has to be the body of the ep, the backbone, the heavy hittin track ringin through your head. Idigo breaths calmness into you after that boost of energy with melodic tones. Finally Kodo with high energy with bass synths and unique instruments blaring throughout to not bring an end to the EP but a beginning to a continuation to Cofresi’s future work that will surely be breathtaking while listening to! Connect with him on soundcloud to find out how you can get this work for free and make sure to follow our local homie.

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A Warfare for a Cause

Credits to Frekwenzy for poster creation.

October 10th at Subterranean, Ever Evolved will teaming up with J. Norm and Varie Magazine to be hosting the third Verbal Warfare. We are not holding Verbal Warfare 3 (VW3) for us, but to give back to our community. From the founding of this label, we have been striving to make a difference on how Chicago is viewed to outsiders; from the music we create that’s anti-drill, to supporting art fulfilled charities.Verbal Warfare 3 allows rappers to battle in front of a live audience, and an online presence through livestream. Audience members can purchase raffle tickets for prizes. These include but are not limited to a photo shoot, studio time, free original instrumentals, a design voucher, and an art piece donated by The Black Couch Studio. But here’s the best part: 100% of all raffle ticket purchases go to Sacred Transformations.

Sacred Transformations strives to make the lives of others better through art. Described in their mission statement, Sacred Transformations is dedicated to helping people who are tattooed, scarred, branded and or burnt from negative experiences to transform those marks into art pieces that celebrate one’s individuality. The experience empowers the individual to express in their own terms who they are inside. It is our goal for those marks to be converted into a source of daily inspiration to maintain sobriety, to be committed to the welfare and betterment of children, family, community and self. Our organization believes that transformative tattoos will provide a historically qualified link to spirituality and culture and deliver the individual a new rite of passage – a symbol of evolving consciousness and personal evolution.”

Ever Evolved chose this organization specifically because of its dedication to the arts. It brings upon the idea of providing positive energy to its clients, helping them feel clean and happy with their soul from the inside out.

                In other aspects of this event, VW3 is the first tag team rap battle. Sign up begins immediately at 10:30pm for teams, so make sure to get there early to get a slot in the competition. If there are slots left, solo rappers can be listed and paired up randomly with others.  First, second, and third place prizes will be given out. Winners will be decided by the crowd decision. We hope to see you there!

Rising Artist: L.x.


Young MC from Chi-town is putting in some hard work. With that and a good attitude L.x is on his way to every artists dream. Also known as Alexander Hoffman, this MC has been making major moves to get his music and name known; Collaborating with artists, performing locally, networking. Recently L.x has released a 12 track mixtape and I got to steal some time from him to talk about it and what he has planned.

What can you tell us about your new mixtape?
L.x:  My Lyfe mixtape is a variation of genres but aslo keeping my life portrayed in melodic fashion.  Everything from mixing to the artwork cover was all crafted 100% from my hands & ideas with instrumentals from around the world including Poland & Moscow With features from friends to hooks accompanied by artists from Uk & America.

Any specific instruments or style you are using?
A lot of old school classic piano & some new school synthesizers. Keeping the boom bap.

Right off the bat L.x knocks it out. You know, tells us whats its all about, all you gotta do is listen.  You can see he is getting very creative and going all out with this project and when you listen to it you can hear it. But wait, here this; Me n L.x keep sharing words and he fills me in on another project in the works that he says he cannot wait to bring to Chicago called VibeMusic.

What significance does this project hold to you?
L.x: Almost Everything holds significant meaning but vibemusic is definitely my food for constant thought cause the tracks made were in the moment and very heart felt. I also started it with a best friend who used to be in my band and since we where young we made music that held such vibe and when me and him get together it’s definitely a clash of cultures but so well mixed I would love to say the vibe music vol 1 collection changed and grew both of us in to better people& artists.

Are you and your friend continuing on with the VibeMusic collection?
L.x: Yes and soon the next vibe music vol. 2 will have more artists but the first one is me and him. We have shirts comming out too.

What does Vibe Music represent?
L.x: Chill hop anything thing that can that has soul, in the rap hip-hop category.

So L.x is trying to highlight some of the fresh, more creative talent of Hip Hop. As we continue chatting he reveals more details about his project with his friend. L.x really likes planning for the future it seems he is already looking forward to releasing vibe music and going on to vol. 2 to connect with more artists. He also plans to host monthly cyphers and filming videos to connect artist and really bring vibe music to a global medium.

Taking over the world does not come over night as most successful people surely know and cannot stress enough. Its all about the effort in between and taking golden opportunities at the right time. Speaking of opportunities L.x has had an invite to perform live in front of an audience at a hip hop music award show you are more familiar with; BET. When you work hard have a good attitude and take opportunities when doors open will get you far and L.x got his foot in the door! Listen out for the name and check out his mixtape My Lyfe.

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5heriff X CEO Beatz

5heriff CEO

Chicago hip hop producers 5HERiFF and CEO Beatz came out of the wood work to make a track D I S N E Y together. The two individually have quite the impressive collection of music. 5HERiFF starting to play with sounds and music at a relatively young age and has become very skilled at intricate beat work and harmonizing over time. CEO also a long time producer gets more in depth with every track he makes. Both great credits to the hip hop and trap music genres making real vibin tunes like this one here.

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Lowtemp and Probcause


Lowtemp artists and Probcause are making quite the buzz since linking up with each other to make singles like Tilt Mode and Monster Stomp. Their vibe and taste in music is quite similar so they are making the most out of this connection pumping out plenty of music. Branx recently took a liking to the Chicago rapper and collaborated. That unification formed the single Roman Columns featuring Adrian Lau with some help on production from Exmag, another great Lowtemp artist that has collabed with Probcause on more than one occasion.

Exmag has produced at least one track as well on Probcause’s recent album Drifters. That album alone has a few Lowtemp Artists sprinkled all over; which would make sense knowing it was released off the very same label. The Geek & VRV, Gibbz and of course Gramatik make their sound known in the project. In between you will see credit to a few go to Chicago producers of Prob; Cofresi and Drew Mantia. Both excellent and talented beat makers who work using live midi controllers or drum pads. Talent and creativity altogether this album is one addicting collection.

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