Tchami unleashes the After Life EP

Coming out of Tchami‘s self proclaimed label Confession. Tchami did a great job building the hype on this EP, releasing key tracks to fans to get them just the right time, leaving them wanting more. Earliest releases of which were the uplifting After Life with Stacy Barthe on vocals followed by Missing You with AC Slater and Kaleem Taylor. With the premier on Spin magazine the EP was finally recognized in its fully glory.

Unveiling three more tracks, Tchami put a lot of creative effort and artist collaboration with on this project! Working with Dombresky on Freakin and on his closing track Alone Tchami hooked up with Chuck Ellis and producer Illangelo who is known to work with Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and other notable artists. A lot of talent packed into a 5-track EP. Of course we cannot forget about Superlativ, packed with nasty basslines, chopped vocals and piano chord breaks. A combination of deep house and garage dubbed future house, a genre most people accompany with Tchami; He is maaking some real noise in the industry with this release.

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A Lyricists main focus is to illustrate a message in their lyrics. Rap lyrics is a form of street poetry that focus on many different things, depending on who is speaking about the harsh realities of the streets. The good times in life or personal situations. Chicago rapper Tee Swain is in his prime, but he will also prove his point between these crossroads in his music.

One question I always  like to ask artist is, Where are they from? I want to know where do they consider home is. Tee Swain was born on June 28, 1991 and raised on the West side of Chicago. “Out west is home so you know I’ve been out here my whole life”.

The meaning of motivation is the reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. It is a desire and energy that pushes people to move forward while succeeding. “The reason behind Motivation Music, it was just a time of my life where things got hectic and it just kept building and building, sitting heavy on my mind and my heart was just like you have to let some of this out”.

I asked Tee Swain what was his motivation in life and he stated, “My biggest motivation in life is my son, he keeps me going, he keeps me focused, while trying to keep myself up to make a better life for him”. Swain is so in tune with himself and believes that his music will go far into the masses because of his ambition for his son.  Tee wants to bless his son with a lifestyle that he never had growing up. He would like to share experiences together with his son and steer him in the right direction in life, and raise him in better environment.

Tee Swain is influenced by himself (not to be cocky) and also music artist  J. Cole. “It’s like listening to yourself , then listening to yourself… I listen to myself then apply it to the world it’s just like I don’t know myself but I’m picking up who Tee Swain really is and he’s really spitting some true stuff about life”. He respects that Cole touches on subjects that relate to himself in life. It inspires Swain to want to do the same thing as being a rapper who is a deep thinker.

What’s up Next for Tee Swain

Tee is currently organizing his moves for 2016. This past summer has been successful  for him as he performed at events, networked and let people know in these streets who Tee Swain really is. Swain Session III will be released some time next year. Tee is taking time and effort by locking himself in studio, writing and coming up with new ideas for his career. Tee really appreciates his fans that he has gained thus far so stay tuned. Tee said we all will be more shocked and surprised at whats coming, I can’t wait to hear it!

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Jack LNDN Brings Back Summer with New Releases

In between makin piano covers and checking out touristy spots like Jessie Pinkmans house Jack LNDN finds time for leisure activities like touring and producing new and amazing musics. LNDN has made a good reputation producing top quality remixes. Most recently Zimmer caught eye to the London born producer and asked him to rework his [Zimmers] dance track Escape featuring Emilie Adams on vocals. As you could expect, the end result, premiering on Earmilk, is smooth perfection. Adding uplifting airy synths and piano chord progressions to compliment Emilie’s vocals, this intro leads into a bouncy bass line to lock you in a state of dance.

Prior to the remix opportunity Jack awed his fans with his own originals. Four tracks in his Summer Never Ends Vol. 2 EP, following his Vol. 1 EP from a earlier in the year. Since its release a its singles Streams and Nevermind have reached the top of the charts on Hype Machine Charts being joined by his Zimmer remix later on. Summer certainly continues for Jack as tours the states continutally produces hit tracks. As his tour comes to a close in the coming months, LNDN should have more time to run his live podcasts and produce new music that we will be looking forward to hearing about!

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Umek – Dichotomy

“Qandisa is a Moroccan goddess of love and lust. And that’s dichotomous. By definition in dichotomy everything in two subsets must belong to one part or the other and at the same time nothing can belong simultaneously to both parts. That should be the case with love and lust. In love there’s got to be lust, while lust itself can exist without love.” 

A beautiful description of the title EP Dichotomy by Umek. Just two tracks to add to your playlist, the title track and Qandisa, the goddess. But every bit is ever so addicting. Umek is truly a King among Techno house artists if there is not one already. One that treats his fans nicely. All over 2 million of them get a nice preview for Christmas of his upcoming track Console Generation. 

This is my new track – coming soon on 1605 – MUSIC THERAPY! Maybe you'll hear it tonight in Ambasada Gavioli.

Posted by UMEK on Friday, December 18, 2015

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Techno Artist Pablo Say

Techno producer Pablo Say has come out with a myriad of releases this month! For those of you unfamiliar, Spain is where this artist originates and at a young age of 16 Pablo discovered electronic music mixing through vinyl records and playing at clubs around Valencia, just like all of us. Since then he shared the stage with the likes of UMEK and had his music shared with other big names in Techno music like Carl Cox, and Richie Hawtin.

Within a months time Pablo released two separate packages of music! Moti On, a 4 track EP, was released on Truesoul, a label by Adam Bayer.  Four of some of the most hypnotic techno tracks you will hear. Red Chamber, the leading track on the EP, was ranked at #88 on beatport top 100 Techno tracks.

Most recently Pablo released Oncle. A 3 track EP that was released under his friend Dennis Cruz‘s label Lemon-Aid Music. Another few of head bobbing techno house tunes to move your legs too. Just as he released Oncle Pablo is also getting prepared to let loose a track on Toolroom records compilation BPM Sampler 2016. You are lucky enough to get the preview for now you have a total of 7 songs to cruise on in your playlist. Hang tight!

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(Left to Right) Michael “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz  and Adam “MCA” Yauch formed this iconic Hip-Hop/Punk Rock group in 1981 at Yauch’s 17th birthday party. Ad-Rock was actually added to the group later on in 1983 replacing an old member of the group. New York is their home, New York is the city where it all started for these 3 guys.

When their first EP, Cooky Puss, was released it quickly became a hit in New York underground dance clubs and night clubs upon its delivery. It was first their first piece of work that fused together the underground rap phenomenon and the use of samples of prank calls.

Due to their success with Cooky Puss they hired a  college student as their DJ (Rick Rubin) and started performing at venues all over the New York scene. Rubin produced their next records under Def Jam and Capitol Records, the rest was history in the making as they continued to record and tour around the world. Their success led to 3 Grammy awards, MTV video music awards, and also features in films. Not only did they inspire the hip-hop community with their music they also were  activist by added their voice to the growing protest against the U.S. war on Iraq in 2003.

In April 2012, the Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The following month, MCA died of cancer at the age of 47. In Brooklyn there is a children’s playground renamed for Adam Yauch in his memory. In June 2014, Mike D stated that the Beastie Boys would not continue their careers as a group, as a promise to Adam Yauch. Look out for their autobiography that has been postponed for a 2017 release. Purchase memorabilia on their social media pages below and continue to “Fight…. for your right…to partyyyy!” Rest in peace MCA.

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Letkolben Returns with New Remixes

Letkolben is making a return with a couple recent remixes up on his soundcloud. From Nürnberg, Berlin this artist has a unique twist on techno and deep house. Adding a lot of tribal sounds and instruments his tracks really put you into an animalistic vibe. With seemingly endless amounts of originals and remixes on his soundcloud Giovanni Molinaro and on a separate remix Nic Bax, fellow techno house producers, were in the scope of this artist this time. With Letkolben’s most recent original released earlier in the year, hopefully these new remixes foreshadow an new release!

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LVNDSCAPE Ft. Joel Baker – Speeches [Music Video]

If you are for a ‘nothin’ but music’ kind of artist then LVNDSCAPE is your man. Not much to know about this artist, just releases very chilled and smooth melodic deep house and we do not mind one bit. LVNDSCAPE recently released his first original single featuring Joel Baker on vocals on Source Recordings. Speeches is a beautiful chilled out track with passionate heartfelt words of questioning loyalty over melodic synths and brass horns. Not unknown to Source, LVNDSCAPE work with a few collab and remix projects for the label. Soon after the release the official video was posted to Spinnin Labels Youtube channel, and equally heart warming video appropriate for the song.

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MachoBeatz Drops DOVGH NVTZ


EverEvolved artist MachoBeatz dropped a new album earlier this week called DOVGH NUTZ. Featured in this album are 12 tracks, 2 songs of which feature 1 by CEO Beatz and the other featuring Xander.

Getting Macho’s insite on his album, he just wanted to show that he can make more than just “chill smoking music”, showing all sides of his creativity rather than just the trippy music he usually comes up with. Inspiring him were many known artists such as Hucci, Great Dane, Diplo, and Calvin Harris.

In fact, many people inspired him, including his two best friends Eric and Joe:

“Shit, these dudes were spitting freestyles to YouTube instrumentals before I even started making beats for real. The firsts ones I ever made were for them. Going back to my college days at NIU with CEO Beatz, we grew up together; making music together, he’s very talented. We’re both on very different paths leading to the same end results. Eventually, we’re going to change the music industry by inspiring more and more people to stay true to their own individual creative channel. Everyone at Ever Evolved inspires me. We bounce ideas off one another and it proves to have made ridiculous amounts of progress since.”

Challenging himself to make this album, he wants to eventually lock down every type of music there is. He says, “Making heavy tracks is kind of natural for me, I vibe off the shit crazy … I want to hit the ‘mainstream’ aspects of electronic music while adding my own twist the things you know?”

All the tracks are meant to be a surprise for fans. Every track on the tape is something new. Macho just went along with it. He was waiting for his skills to get better, and now that they are he was finally ready to make this trap album.

Check out DOVGHNVTZ:

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eekkoo – Sloan’s Dress

The magnificent and mysterious eekkoo has produced yet another powerful production in deep house and techno after releasing a handful of remixes and collabs. Not straying away from his moody personality in his music, he creates some downright heavy basslines with grooves unheard of with Sloan’s Dress. To really set the mood of the track we grabbed the video clip from eekkoo’s facebook profile with the main bassline over some hollow synths to preview before you take on the full track.

that. b a s s l i n e. though.

Posted by Eekkoo on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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