Woman Crush Wednesday: Emily Blue

Emily Blue seems to be one of the more composed artists of Chicago. She got everything locked down, from the sound of her music, to her visual aesthetic and her live performances, presenting the unique character within herself. While that may be perfect enough for any audience, Emily doubles down with side band projects as Tara Terra and Moon Mouth. Music and creativity seems to just flow through her blood, as she creates sounds of Glitch and Synth Pop

Recently she uploaded her latest single APERTURE, which premiered on TheseDaysMag, along with an exclusive interview. She notes the song is a collaboration with friend and artist Uushky, and it was originally made for piano. Its lyrical origins would revolve around Emily passing through emotions she felt for someone significant, who was already spoken for. The song in itself is quite epic, as Emily sings and harmonizes dreamily over synth chords that hit heavenly climactic highs, alongside her vocalization. You can actually feel the wave of emotion as the song progresses in layers; a very atmospheric song that will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing!

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CantBuyDeem and Konsept the Emcee Join Forces for Bonnie

CantBuyDeem and Konsept the Emcee came up with a unique idea for their latest single, BONNIE. The idea that sometimes the only person you can trust in your life is your lady, a Bonnie to your Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde were an infamous heterosexual couple back in the early 30’s. They robbed banks and gas stations, traveling the continental United States, until they were gunned down in Louisiana by Texas and Louisiana officers in 1934.

The song alludes to this ride or die theme through out both verses from the seasoned Chicago rappers, and it does this exceptionally. CantBuyDeem raps, “If I get locked, she take my phone, and keep my money coming in.” The idea that CantBuyDeem’s lady will still help him secure income, even if he is incarcerated, that is a Bonnie and Clyde type love. Konsept the Emcee raps, “You gonna hold me down, I’ma hold you down, you done kept it silent since you’ve been round;” the idea that Konsept’s lady will not snitch on her man no matter what, a staple in a relationship built like Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie, the new single by CantBuyDeem featuring Konsept the Emcee is streaming everywhere!

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Elevatd Dials Up Da Bass on Da Baby

Creativity is subjective, but undeniable in the case of Elevatd’s new music! Recently releasing an EP earlier in the year, the two Chicago artists do not stop there! Their newest track is a take on Da Baby‘s song BLAME IT ON BABY, to which the original sounds are nearly unrecognizable, aside from the lyrical content, totally flipping it on it head into a destructive bass track. The remix follows up the original mix DEAD HEAD, to where you can really hear some creativity in their production, adding sounds like boiling water into the mix, and other abstract sounds to compliment a fat bassline. If the tracks on their own do not do it, Elevatd has also a featured mix on Diplo’s Revolution with Benzi, to keep you occupied in the absence of live music event.

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Artist of the Week: T.Z. Duhh With T.Z. Tuesdays

Consistency is the key to anyone’s success. It is about keeping your brand fresh and ever present, so followers can have a constant flow of your new content or services. Not only that, but you also have to consider the consistency of the presentation that has attracted your following. For artist T.Z. Duhh, this would mean lyricism and output of new music, and he has been taking consistency to a whole ‘nother level!

When people follow an artist, they are constantly hungry for new material, and since the start of the year, T.Z. Duhh has been replenishing the appetite of his followers, every single week. Calling the campaign T.Z. Tuesdays, so far he has not missed a week of releasing beats, a heavy feat for many artists, as a good amount of would go up to a year or more without releasing new content. You would think TZ would get tired of his delivery, possibly straining his lyrical abilities, but he has only been growing stronger and better. This is proven by the play count of his last track SHOPPING SPREE, which gained upwards of 5k views in just a week, which is followed by this weeks release, DEVIL EYES.

Going back three weeks, T.Z. releases ULTRA, a track full of energy and motivating, hyped lyrics promoting his personal values. “I’m here to do the impossible, so you cannot tell whats possible. Never gave up, I stuck to it. Nike I run up a check, Nike the way I just do It, Nike I only want checks.” SHOPPING SPREE is more down tempo, with a little darker, powerful energy to its lyricism, which would feature artist JDP. Finally DEVIL EYES, you can imagine the sinister quality to the track, starting out with a nasty beat and slowed lyrics for the deep effect on the voice. He fires off with; “Starin’ in the mirror, what is it i see? My demons in me, I guess that’s one thing we agree, I guess the demon’s really me. All the hell I seem to bring, crown the fire, guess I’m king. Want the watch, exchange the rings, would you give your soul to me?” A real track to vibe to, and if that is not enough, T.Z. Duhh even released a music video recently for ALL GOOD, keeping you entertained for a while to come. Stay tuned for more T.Z. Tuesdays!

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Ayoo Brings Back The Roaring 20’s

The two Chicago brothers, Eric and James Estrada of AYOO, are back again with a new original mix for your playlist. The two were having fun earlier in the month, passing out AYOO masks around the city, helping residents and fans with virus prevention! They follow up on their last hits, two different collaborations with Rico Act and RhymSter, named FREAK OUT and TIMELINE respectively. AYOO this time brings back the idea of an old era; the ROARING 20’s, released through Aural Sex Records, into our present 20’s timeline. With a bouncing house beat, some glitchy lyrics and some rumbling bass, it is enough to make you get up and kick your feet.

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Vermyllion Brings It Back To Ol’ School Dubs

It has been a wild ride for the dubstep genre and its fans alike. From the basements of the UK, to the main stages of the US, dubstep transformed into few different sub genres over the years. While many are currently hanging on to riddim bass, Vermyllion takes it back to a cleaner, more classic sound. His new releases reminds us that heavy bass and more simple production is all you need.

His latest, FRIDGE RAID with Agent O, another Chicago dubstep producer, combines the ol’ school dubstep, the way Skream intended, with more contemporary sounds; similar to Rusko, or Eptic and Joker. His remix of BANDZZZ, by Eazybaked, brings on some more heavier production and basslines, bouncing around a consistent percussive or clanging sound, hypnotizing you into movement. Then his earliest release within the last month, COALESCE with Chicago dubstep producer Spades, hits like bomb drop, a combination of it all; heavy bass, production and ol school’ dubstep rhythm. All premiering notably on theUntz, FUXWITHIT and through Spicey Bois respectively, these are for sure to give you hair raising chills.

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Vibe Out to Hayward’s Blues In Rhythm

The potential of human beings is only limited by their minds, and one in particular, Ryan Hayward Macmillan, is taking his to its limits! The Midwest artist from Michigan came to Chicago at the age of 20 to pursue his passions, which turns out to be a long list. The multi-talented artist takes it upon himself to perfect videography, directing, production, engineering, recording and even acting! Now that is a lot of potential.

Recently, Hayward finished a music project, produced by himself, with the help of Ignit Ronriguez on the single, DO ME LIKE THAT. Dubbed BLUES IN RHYTHM, the playlist runs through relaxed, Lo-fi production, with R&B influence; similar to the WEEKND. With lyrics expressing melancholic states of minds, many of the songs regard a relationship with someone significant. All ready for the release of a music video for TRYNNA DO, keep on the lookout for more projects by this Beat Box Entertainment mogul.

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M.Whise Offers Hip Hop Therapy with Heal.

How do you expect me to heal? Things that we did to survive, like were we even alive?” The last line pierces the heart of listeners in M.Whise chorus, on his new song, HEAL. He takes a slower melodic flow in his signature deep gravelly voice, and poses many philosophical questions about life. M.Whise brings up ideas that will have a listener thinking about the cycle of life and death.

If heaven is really a place, I hope that the studio decent.” A relatable line for all recording artists; the idea of getting to continue making music in the afterlife. “I’m so afraid of the day that I’m forced to show people the actual me,” the thought that M.Whise would have to become violent in defense of himself, is something he wishes he will not have to face. Because if that happens, the beast is unleashed.

Tables start changing on me, sending shots aiming for me, occasionally, you gotta get in that bag, and say bitch stop playing with me.” M.Whise is alluding to people that have switched up their energy on him, or have done him dirty in the past. At the end of they day, one has to stay focused on securing their income, and not worry about the hatred. Something M.Whise certainly understands well enough to translate that message into a song!

HEAL by M.Whise is a cathartic and therapeutic track. Bump Heal today, its perfect for those lock down blues.

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Chicago South Side Rapper FESSA, Lights Wick with Fireman.

I used to want to be a fireman, till I found out, they don’t get a lot of bands.” This line sticks more than the GOAT himself, Lil Wayne, and his song of the same name. The project FIREMAN by FESSA is impeccable sonically, visually and lyrically. Fireman is a great show of growth and grit, from the veteran WeWiNNiN collective emcee.

This music video is full of symbolism, so many different objects are being set ablaze by FESSA himself; including pairs of Air Force Ones. For those that need a little history lesson, FESSA used to be Professor Mic, and this re-branding is really starting to catch fire, pardon the pun. Through out his rap personas, he has never ditched the opportunity to teach through his music, hence being called the professor. If you listen closely, many lines in FIREMAN have to do with specific financial situations; “Had to knuckle up on my sonic shit, get a couple rings just for acknowledgement.”

Ever Evolved is gearing up for more hot bars, videos, and firestorms from FESSA of WeWiNNiN.

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Larcin and Sim Bleek Team Up For LarSim

Chicago recording artist Larcin recently dropped a full length album, completely produced by frequent collaborator Sim Bleek. Entirely recorded and engineered at Sonic Palace, with Sim Bleek on the production, Larcin also secured features from Wilhelm Duke, Inca and Lil Moe. MOTION, featuring Lil Moe, is a stand out record on the LP. Larcin wrote a melody that feels like some type of late 90’s pop composition.

Yeah they want to talk about it, but they hoping, yeah they wanna lock it down, but its open.” Larcin writes catchy lines, and this hook alone has much replay value. “Know I be running, I’m running the laps, you think its funny, I hope that you laugh.” Larcin does not waste any opportunity through the album to let his listeners know, he does not pay attention to the hate, slander, or vitriol.

The intro track, HURDLES is another notable listen. Larcin starts out the song with, “Lately I’m feeling amazing, I been like, looking and gazing, I know they tell me Im crazy, people can love me or hate me, fuck it you fake, you fugazi.” This a more expounded way of Larcin saying hes got his blinders on, and will not let the minute opinions of others affect him. This song has a great flow and vocal performance from Larcin, be on the look out for a visual for it coming soon.

With only three features on a fifteen track LP, Larcin takes on most of the records by himself. That is certainly an impressive feat, especially for only having three previous releases under his belt. The three previous projects all being six songs in length, the growth here on LARSIM is definitely noticeable and tremendous. Stream LARSIM on Larcin’s SoundCloud profile!

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