Hayward Drops Music Video For Use: Monday Majesty

Hayward is back with a new release following up on his DIVINE INTERVENTION LP. His first release of the year produced in Ever Evolved Studios, USE is accompanied with a music video with an eye catching visual concept. Hayward traverses around Chicagos China town, wielding a baseball bat in an orange face mask beanie, lookin mischievous! The colors of the neon lights in contrast to Haywards Detroit bomber jacket and beanie in the video really pop out, keeping your eyes peeled as the chopped & layered visual edits work their magic. Short and sweet, Hayward keeps it mellow with this track, fit for a moody vibe, or a nice come down after a long night. He repeats “Tell me whats the use of that, I ain’t trying to get used to that,” in his chorus as he gets introspective on his verses. Get lost in your mind and wander with this beat!

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AzMattic and RhymSter Are Back with I’m A Natural

If you are familiar with the collaborations of AzMattic and RhymSter then you know THE JAZZ CIGARETTE. Well now they are back with the 1st single, I’M A NATURAL from THE JAZZ CIGARETTE 2! A fun lyrical bop by the duo explaining how easy the talent of rhyming comes to them. The 1st JAZZ CIGARETTE album came out in 2020 and this one is geared up for an early quarter 2022 release! 

This first single is a dope listen with a nice vocal mix that just sits right over the top of the beat. AzMattic and RhymSter trade short verses back and forth while sharing the hook, which is both catchy as it is hilarious; especially the line, “I never hold it in, cause I’m an asshole.” Thinking about some of the themes that are prevalent in the THE JAZZ CIGARETTE album(s), one being coffee, in which coffee lovers know it comes with the price of the shits. The other entendre is that assholes literally cannot hold it in.

To speak your mind even if it is offensive would be viewed by sensitive folks as conducting yourself as an asshole. The mixing of the hook is also dope, because you hear AzMattic rhyme it first with the lead vocal, and then RhymSter is on the hook the second time being the lead vocal, and AzMattic in the background ad-libbing. Other notable lines that spark analysis are “I’ve been captivating minds since the matrix was designed. I don’t mind, I just rhyme because it’s naturally defined,” from AzMattic. Anytime a rapper can utilize referencing the Matrix film in a unique light it is deserving of kudos by fans of the film, like some at Ever Evolved.

I’m more natural than George Gervin with the finger roll… I’m more natural than Randy Couture in octagons.” Both dope references by RhymSter, especially if you are the sports fanatic in basketball and MMA.  “Too many times have I ran into them Grant Hills. Potential high, but never reached it due to injury, went and formed a family with no ties to Sicily. AzMattic and RhymSter giving y’all that double header, powerful dynamic duo, point guard alley oop to my center!” Another sporty string of lines with basketball references weaved in from RhymSter. Grant Hill’s skill set could have made him have a MJ, KoBe, Lebron type legacy but was unfortunately cut short. Still marvelous player though, similar to Tracy McGrady.

I”m the Don, so stay in line like it’s comic con. A common misconception but you take the comments on.” This line from AzMattic might mean something about people being intimidated by hustlers who are their own bosses! A groovy lyrical listen, the track IM A NATRUAL leaves you thirsting and ready for the entire LP of THE JAZZ CIGARETTE 2. THE JAZZ CIGARETTE 2 is available on all DSPs this February 11th! 

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Wilhelm Duke Remixes Spicy By Nas

Gunnin’ for the title of remix master it seems, Wilhelm Duke stays on it with the catalog of music he has in his head. Finding the time between releasing lengthy projects like BERSERKER and other singles, collabs & remixes, the Duke manages to keep it fresh every time. This time taking aim at the legendary NAS, and his collaboration SPICY with Fivio Foreign & A$AP Ferg, Duke keeps it mild lyrically, ironically. Its no secret that Wilhelm can spit verses as quick as a whip, and he flexes that half way through, but holds back, keeping the track on a chill note. You can find more remixes on his Youtube channel where as his singles, EP’s & LP’s are easily heard on Spotify!

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Go Crazy at INNJOY on Division this Monday!

Chicago is filled with some of the most amazing talent in music, and all they need is a platform to be heard! This Monday November 15th we heed that call and invite some of Chicago’s best to GO CRAZY on stage at INNJOY on Division. Hosted by C-mac and backed up by DJ Hunt, with performances by Chops Diggity, Montezuma, Monsoon Staraw, Ninno, Chris K, Prince Crowe, and special guest Roy French! We invite you to GO CRAZY at INNJOY with us and not only experience the night, but benefit from it too! There’s plenty opportunities when you experience what Ever Evolved Presents!

At this free entry event you get to participate in a raffle and win prizes that can benefit you as an artist and a fan. You can participate in a raffle that offers a FREE 4 hours of studio time at Ever Evolved Studios, with one of our talented engineers. For the fans, we give away a $25 dollar visa gift card, a goodie bag and some merch from our vendors! Performing artists are will be among the crowd as well as our representatives, and will be providing a good time and opportunities to network. You cannot lose so GO CRAZY November 15th at INNJOY on Division starting at 8pm. Did we forget to mention there be deals on wings?

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RhymSter’s Overly Dedicated; Chicago’s Premier Live Performance Platform.

You might have heard of or have even listened to OVERLY DEDICATED, the legendary mixtape by Kendrick Lamar. In slight homage and reference to a portion of the great K.Dot’s catalog, RhymSter, the co-founder of Ever Evolved, started the Overly Dedicated Concert Series in Chicago Illinois to push artists live acumen, keep them sharp and create a community of music industry networking. Already on their 5th installment of the virtual shows, Overly Dedicated is raising the bar for live performances in the Chicago music scene.

Co-hosted by Scotty Rocks at his Dog & Pony Show TV Studios, together they bring in both local and national talent to perform via Twitch and Facebook live stream, to a vast online audience. They have featured recording artist talents you may have seen before such as Orlando Coolridge, CantBuyDeem, Hayward, Charmaine Makeda, Ro$e, RapCrush, Ivan L, Keem Singing, and many more! Overly Dedicated 5 airs once a month, last show being Friday May 21st at 7PM, featuring Chicago artists Big Homie, Azmattic, Essse, OG Poe, Pharoah, Monsoon Staraw, and Frostee Cavanero with contributing sounds from DJ Curt Henny! Reach out to Ever Evolved and RhymSter if you’d like the opportunity to perform at a live limited audience (also exclusive) Overly Dedicated event!

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Wilhelm Duke Channels The Calm: Monday Majesty

Wilhelm Duke is hitting strides with his creative outlet as of late. Hot off his RESISTANCE EP release with RhymSter, the Duke is back again with a music video release to promote his next album ELIXER, a followup to his debut THE ROBBER BARON. THE CALM goes by its title in its entirety, from its jazzy hip hop beat, courtesy of Brad Kemp, to Wilhelm Dukes intense lyrical flow while maintaining a stoic composure. Visual production goes to Swirl Productions, settings the Duke on Chicago’s Lasalle St in the middle of traffic, with the Board of Trade building towering over the street. A very urban energy, balanced with the settling, music and Dukes flow, paints a rather calm scene of such a busy city.

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Cant Have Too Much Of Keem Singing: Monday Majesty

From his project PLUS OVER MINUS, R&B artist, singer and songwriter at Ever Evolved, Keem Singing releases a music video for one of his hit singles. With help from Beat Box Entertainment, Hayward and Keem bring TOO MUCH to life, following up on visuals for NIGHTS LIKE THIS from the same EP. Recorded at Ever Evolved Studios TOO MUCH, in contrast to NIGHTS LIKE THIS, touches up on the more deep and introspective contemplations that regularly follow artists, just as much as the good times! There is much to connect with in just the chorus alone, singing “I’ve got too much to lose, I’ve got too much to prove. Got lost in the sauce, got to make a move.” For artists like Keem Singing, music is more than a passion, it is a destiny, it is what keeps them going, and he conveys that effortlessly between the beautiful vocal harmonies and lyricism. In addition to the music video release, Keem Singing regularly posts covers of his favorite songs from artists like Musiq, Donell Jones, Drake and more on his Youtube channel!

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RhymSter and Edmur Quinn Partner Up Again!

Everytime these two get together, producer Edmur Quinn and RhymSter, it is always audio magic. Edmur Quinn with the raw production that controls the vibe of a room, combined with RhymSters lyricism, is the perfect recipe for greatness. The last time these two got together they created a 4 track album titled HEAVEN FOR ROSES, a relaxed album with lo-fi hip hop beats. That one followed up on PURE NOON, their first project together, an even dreamier project, however RhymSters flow balances out the tranquil sounds of Edmur Quinns production.

The two are back together for a short project of two tracks, and this time around they pick up the energy! Quinn works heavier on the beat work with this next two songs, IT’S ALREADY THERE and WHAT HAPPENED? RhymSter’s flows is reminiscent to his latest independent EP release 4 FOR 4, using more cerebral lyrics, putting your mind to work. IT’S ALREADY THERE gets a more urban boom bap vibe, while WHAT HAPPENED evokes a sinister energy with the melody behind the beat, while RhymSter spits some ruthless lyrics to complete atmosphere of the song, “One time two times aint shit to me, don’t fear death, only time you see… More than a man I’m a god, ya’ll know that, and my hand got the world wish you can hold that.” Two great tracks for your playlist to get your head bumpin’.

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RhymSter & Wilhelm Duke On That Boss Sh*t: Monday Majesty

A music video can really make a song, and Wilhelm Duke, teaming up with RhymSter, create what seems like a movie. Now, this hip hop single can stand out on its own with ease, but with the help of Hayward at Beat Box Entertainment, these artists have a cinematic release on their hands. Sounding off with a sinister repeating sound, the beat comes in with some heavy bass, giving off an acid rap vibe with a hint of boss energy. The video itself is a satirical play on RhymSter’s introductory lines, “Never Disrespect, not Between Two Ferns…” referencing the show Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis as a begrudging host and interviewer.

BOSS SHIT has one message, “Roll with the punch… Roll up the blunt… Roll up them cuffs, like a Boss,” repeating in the chorus; give it a listen and it will repeat in your head. Emulating that boss attitude, Wilhelm duke gets suited up in a blue blazer, psyching himself up with confidence, causing trouble and confusion to those in his path, laughing it up with no consequence. RhymSter, who cameo’s as a producer, videographer, blind composer and a clumsy student, takes the position of the artist in interview. The two eventually box in out, back to back spitting verses, taking turns throwing shots. The entertainment value does not stop there, as the video, following the music, features some behind the scenes footage (similarly to RhymSters Music Video with Essse), and an interview snippet as well. All put together, between the cinematic video, the beat and the verses, to creating a whole skit, this is some BOSS SHIT.

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Friday Nite Lites: Ep. 1 Features IIIMPULSIVEEE, Mic Logik and Keem.

Scotty Rocks with The Dog and Pony Show has partnered with RhymSter, of Ever Evolved, to create a platform for artists to talk about their career, craft, life and even perform their latest release! The first episode is presented to viewers as a three part series. Each part runs about 25 minutes long, offering consumers much content to absorb. RhymSter interviews IIIMPULSIVEEE, Mic Logik, and Keem and offers a deeper look into the crafts, styles, influences, and history of each artist.

RhymSter and IIIMPULSIVEEE delve into the backstory of how he got his stage name. IIIMPULSIVEEE used to go by Mystic, Mystify, Baja, Smirk, Johnny MC and then finally IIIMPULSIVEEE; with three I’s at the beginning and three E’s at the end. He chose this spelling due to his relation to the number and numerology of 33. That seems to be the number that follows and symbolizes more of who IIIIMPULSIVEEE is. They continue to talk about the ins and outs of the music industry, aspects of selling merchandise and live performance. IIIMPULSIVEEE then performs his song, “METHOD TO MY MADNESS” live in Scotty Rocks Studio 28 of the Dog and Pony Show.

RhymSter and Mic Logik discuss Mic’s background growing up in Chicago and his memories of the Chicago Bulls and Allen Iverson‘s rookie game against Michael Jordan in 1996. They go on to talk about Mic Logik’s introduction to hip hop with Snoop Dogg, No Limit influences, his respect for the Warren G sound, and his love for Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. Mic Logik is a student of the game hip hop and music. His catalog goes back to as far as 2007. Mic Logik talks about the start of Chi-Native Entertainment and the radio segment he co-hosts, Chi-Native Radio. Mic Logik also has a podcast focused on basketball called All Net.

RhymSter and Keem discuss Keem’s background with classical music training, and going to college for vocal performance on which he received scholarship for. Keem believes you should never let anyone put you in a box, and to not ever give up; continue to strive and work. RhymSter compares Keem’s latest record, IT’S GOING DOWN to a powerful and funky Marvin Gaye record. IT’S GOING DOWN was produced by RhymSter and Keem and features Radcliff Music; There is a music video out to it now done by Hayward of B.B.E. They talk about how that hot political single was created in the studio. Keem then gives a performance of IT’S GOING DOWN to end part 3 of episode 1.

Highly recommend following RhymSter, Ever Evolved, Scotty Rocks, The Dog + Pony Show, and Friday Nite Lites to stay up to date on all of the amazing talent they will be featuring! Interviews, performances, and great conversation to compliment the brands of each artist!

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