Yajaira Debuts With Realisy: Woman Crush Wednesday

Another up and coming artist in Chicago is breaking grounds with a significant achievement in her music career. Yajaira is making some noise with her debut EP, REALISY. The singer, dancer and model is inclined towards soulful genres like R&B, Pop, Neo-Soul and even Gospel, having experience singing in Church and summer camp talent competitions. Her debut EP even dips into more cultural genres like reggae, and reggaeton creating a diverse portfolio from the start.

Starting REALISY off strong with a MAKE IT, a collaboration featuring K Breeze, and J. Trav. Walking the line of confidence and ambition with a hook like, “My future I can see it. When my eyes close, I can dream it. Can’t let no one come between, all my life I swear I mean it.” Following up would be WHAT YOU DO TO ME, a reggae influenced track adding diversity to the EP, singing about the dance of a temporary and fleeting seduction. Pondering about attraction in TO BE IN LOVE, she sings beautifully as she unravels her thoughts. Yajaira innocently lets her fans know the project is about her own perspectives, embracing her point of view and being able to visually create the world she sees. Her vocals paint a colorful picture of her mind and her range is a refreshing addition to the music community in Chicago, particularly R&B.

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DJ Curt Henny Drops The Bison Dele Mix

DJ Curt Henny is on fire, dropping another mix this month that will get you dancing. Following up from his birthday mix, RELEASE THE BALLOONS, from last week, he still has some energy! Tapping into his Latin roots, his latest mix, BISON DELE (named after the NBA star) and the aforementioned, is based around the reggae genre. A versatile DJ, Curt Henny jumps between genres often, keeping a open library in his head between hip hop, trap, reggae artists and more!

Previous mixes, like his S.U.S.H.I. mixes, were geared towards hip hop and trap. Hearing all these mixes you can see the diversity in his style and his playlist. There is a lot of history in learning which songs to like, and which ones get the dance floor moving. Recently DJ Curt Henny joined Ever Evolved‘s Familiar Faces Podcast with the Dog and Pony Show, and talked about his experiences in music. Talking about his upbringing, inspirations and event experiences, you can get a interesting perspective on Curt Henny and the lifestyle of a DJ.

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