No Montana Makes Moves With Tunnel Vision!: Monday Majesty

No Montana has been moving with focus, releasing video after video, track after track, riding the tail end of the year making noise. One can say she is moving with Tunnel Vision, and recently she quite literally is! It is not just her eyes on the prize, collaborating with Tunnel Vision, No Montana has created some intriguing music videos, giving her fans some eye candy for the holidays. Most recently on a collaborating track with Juboi Wonder, including singles OCEANS and TREEHOUSE. The audio-visual partnership looks to go back to her singles NIGHT TIME, BETTER THAN ME, 2 SHOTS and JUG & FINESSE, all with concepts to capture the eye.

No Montanas Fall release of OCEANS captures the mind from every angle. From the audio, chorus to the visuals, the single is fit to give you chills. Her latest release WHICH ONE takes a different concept, being a collaborative track with Juboi. The two go back and forth between verses & adlibs, in a green lit, mirrored room, giving somewhat of a chaotic energy, even as the beat is mellow. No Montana and Tunnel Vision pair well, complimenting each others styles when it comes to audio & visuals, can expect nothin short of master pieces when they get together!

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