WRDS Plays Squid Game!

WRDS does not seem like anyone that would turn down a challenge, the man himself puts him self into SQUID GAME. Using the theme song and some sound bites, Epik The Dawn produced a really interesting remix of the Netflix Series Squid Game tune. “Been broke man I told em’ I do anything that I can for the bread. Green light turns to red light, guess I gotta just aim for the head. Fill up all my competition with lead, no saving, the opposition on my head.” Popping in with a powerful intro line, creating a metaphor between being an artist in a cut throat music industry and the scenarios and games the characters find themselves in the Netflix show. “I ain’t got time for this i I shine for this i been on my grind for this, life is a squid game and people gonna die for this.” This song makes you think that the hyperbolized ultimatums in Squid Game do not differ much than reality when it comes to the pursuit of happiness. WRDS proves his passion is more than just a game with his hit releases just this year alone like, SUMMER, PLAYGROUND, PONCE DE LEON, BANDERAS and his LP THE EQUINOX TAPE

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