Broken Robots’ Wild Runway Music Video: Monday Majesty

Earlier November Broken Robots blessed their fans with some new music and majestic visuals once again! The Chicago Indie Grunge band has been on a hot streak this year making big moves. Sprinkling their influence around their network of creatives, collaborating with up and coming artists like Trevor Pilz with BOOM BADA BAM BING, or producing for other artist Nora Marks. Their influence continuously catches the eye of Chicago SoundCheck, who brand Broken Robots an electro grunge band, going over their most recent release RUNAWAY. Their new single is paired with animated surreal visuals, like Tony Baker stomping through a city like Godzilla with a guitar, Lonnie Philips jammin’ in a spacheship, and Kat Baker stuck in the matrix, that can really catch your attention!

Broken robots get more in depth with the background of the track, as they would explain with Chicago Soundcheck, they are method writers, and produce with intention behind their creations. Creating powerful metaphors in relation to their life experiences and perspectives, similarly with their concept for BURN IT DOWN from their EP THE ESCAPE ARTIST. RUNAWAY comes as a 2 piece idea, beginning as a reference to their friend who disappeared with no evidence but security footage of a boarding train, as if chasing something. However an unresolved issue, the band shifted to a pairing metaphor to complete the song, directed at how a creative can lose themselves and others in the process of chasing that what may or may not be unattainable. To pause and give flowers to your loved ones while you can, a second look at whats really important.

Broken Robots handles gratitude and appreciation well themselves. As bonus to their fans they recently compiled a video of live footage from packed out events, as a thank you for support over 3 years with their song BAD HABBITS from their debut EP HOME IS NOT A PLACE. The band regularly credits each others talent and contributions within their team via social media as well. And with all that time they did it without a live drummer, till now! Anthony Friedli will surely be receiving his flowers too, being an addition to this ever evolving crew of artists.

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