Alise Da Boss Runs The Night!: Woman Crush Wednesday

Really showing off her boss status, Alise Da Boss shows you why it is in her name! Recently releasing ALL NIGHT, accompanied with a music video, not only as a reference to celebrations, but to the hustle! “I keep going going going, all mother f**kin night. I only sleep when I’m dead, I gotta get this money right. I stay balling, got that mother fucker drip, they stay callin…” Alise sings on the chorus. Confidence in her lyrics as she counts her bands in her lair, which include a hot tub and massive luxury bed, commanding groupies and acrew of hydraulic trucks in her music video. Draped in jewelry and high fashion, Alise Da Boss looks like she is at the top of her game! Exciting to hear what she has coming next!

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