A Love Sick Misfit in Sherrell The Artist: Woman Crush Wednesday

To say romance makes us think up wild ideas is an understatement! Thankfully we have creatives like Sherrell The Artist that help us process those emotions through music. An R&B artist from Chicago, giving her that edge in her attitude, with a slight hip hop and rap influence, lets her mind go and her passion to guide her on her debut LP, I THOUGHT ABOUT KILLING YOU. Followed up with a concept music video release and a performance on Ever Evolved x The Dog + Pony Show live stream event O.verly D.edicated 3, Sherrell is making big steps in 2021 already.

I THOUGHT ABOUT KILLING YOU, though intense in its title, it contains 7 tracks that are sensual and introspective. Alone her voice is amazing, and in a live setting as she was performing on OD3, it is captivating, as if she was a natural born entertainer. It is even more evident through he performance in her music video for NIGHTS ALONE, as she shows an unlucky number that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. A hit single setting the tone of the LP. Her range does not stop there, really shining in the details of I THOUGHT ABOUT KILLER YOU.

Starting off gentle with AIKO FLOW, Sherrell’s singing quickly joins with the beat, giving life to the LP with her sultry chorus, “Don’t want to go outside, let’s hotbox the covers.” Confessing and wondering in her next track WHY DO WE, singing on the chorus, “We stay fucked up, we like the drugs more than each other… So Why do we do this,” getting deeper lyrically, as well as with the bassline. Getting ever more energy towards the middle of the track with NIGHTS ALONE and DON’T WANT IT, setting her own personal standards for love in the latter track, and reproclaiming her strength in SCARED OF THE DARK. RUNAWAY, a personal favorite off the LP, goes even further to spotlight her range vocally, singing melodically on chorus. Closing off introspectively with INSANE, the LP leaves you wanting more off the energy of the bassline and her flow. A instant masterpiece for her debut LP, Sherrell the Artist has earned herself an endless amount replays, and she still has momentum.

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