Hyfn AlexZander Keeps An Eagle Eye On Rap Game

Giving you a taste of lyrical ability, Hyfn AlexZander releases a freestyle verse called EAGLE EYE as incoming music is being prepared! Freestyle is an art that a surprising many hip hop artists have not mastered lyrically, giving AlexZander an easy upper hand on the game. Even more so, AlexZander has full control of the creative process, as production, mixing and mastering is all done solo. Heavy on the hi hats and subtle on the piano progression loop, the beat production compliments and emphasizes his braggadocios lyricism, and the chill energy will keep your head bobbin’. He raps, “Been feeling like Neo I’m the one. This road is resident evil, so I need my gun. And you’ll never be my equal no uh-uh. There will never be a sequel cause you’re done… I’m light inside the dark, Thomas Edison.” Not stopping at music, AlexZander even produced the cover art for EAGLE EYE as well, showing off many talents through just one track. Preparing for a debut EP release this spring titled PEOPLE SUCK, Hyfn AlexZander easily keeps you on the hook with this freestyle.

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