The Life Of A Black Rockstar, King Baka

King Baka delivers a huge playlist with as much as 15 tracks. For hip hop, trap and R&B fans, THE LIFE OF A BLACK ROCKSTAR has a little bit of everything for you. Listening to it continuously, it starts off smooth and slowly picks up energy. Featuring Von Deezy, Jettlifeoli, Zenas, Kata other Chicago artists like MeechMayo, Freaky Weather, it is packed with different styles and talents. THE LIFE OF A BLACK ROCKSTAR sits as King Baka’s debut album is a great introduction to the artists work.

Starting off with LOCKDOWN, an R&B influenced tune you can smoke to, vibe to and replay one more time before MOVING DIFFERENT. A somber hip hop beat, a subtle dedication, King Baka goes thru the motions, highlighting a change of character that proceeds struggle, loss or trauma. With a faster piano progression, FANGZ wakes this project up, setting the tone for the rest of the LP. Getting stronger as if the LP has a life of its own.

APPROACH WITH CAUTION shows you more than FANGZ, it’s a statement and warning. Ensuring you, no matter the energy, he can and will stand his ground. Evident with lyrics “I peep them watchin’, hear they talkin’ ’bout my pockets. Same car driving through, I know these bitches plottin. I ain’t worried, we movin’ solid. Come get what you came for, but bitch approach with caution!” Bridging you into the two most energetic tracks of the LP, HOLD UP and T’D UP. A whole different atmosphere from the start of the LP at just halfway through, with choruses to chant with “Blunt lit, full cup, in this bitch and we T’D UP… 6 halves, 4 fifths, weed lit, you can’t hang with us, we corrupt and we dangerous, Bitch lit and we T’D UP

Personal favorites go to T’D UP and the following track HOW DO YOU LOVE ME. Two whole different styles but executed perfectly by King Baka. Paying attention to the detail that went into this LP, you can hear the live instruments samples, piano and acoustic guitar progressions, chords and loops that brings that much more quality to THE LIFE OF A BLACK ROCKSTAR. All these combined with the verses and creative expression by King Baka and his associates creates a time everlasting playlist that can fit anyones taste.

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