StankNasty Goes Beast Mode

StankNasty is going BEAST MODE with a new single. Continuing his spree of tracks in anticipation of his EPIC-EP release. This track follows FOCUS ON THE PAIN and a Mikey B Collaboration HOLD IT DOWN. This song title is reflecting off of StankNasty’s effort this year in gaining recognition as an artist with multiple releases, consistently up until the last moments of the year. He really is on BEAST MODE, making moves happen. Always working with a fast word flow, “Big plans play the hand that I’m dealt I’ma run this shi* like Gambit. Gonna get no where by standing, Im the tree trunk ya’ll are the branches. I’m the type that you don’t want to clash with…” He puts in those raw braggadocios energy, showing no mercy on the beat, a true Nasty Anthem to get your playlist hype!

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