StankNasty Grows With Focus On The Pain

There is always a driving force or a strong position an artist will place within the direction of their music. While StankNasty often conceptualizes tracks to different ideas or themes, there is one subject that he likes to revisits. Similarly to his tracks WALLS and TRAUMA, FOCUS ON THE PAIN treads over the topic of mental health, and how he copes as an artist. “Lookin at the man in the mirror, some time passes and you can see much clearer, pain is a phenomena we all done been thru. This pen helps me get this shit off my mental.” Even the opening lines of the song illustrates a strong context for dealing with stress, “God giveth and god taketh, why is it, when im not depressed I’m anxious.” Over a somber piano tune and a beat, StankNasty reminds us, even the best of us have our lows, but to move forward we must FOCUS ON THE PAIN, and try to find your strength.

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