StankNasty Lets His Walls Down

StankNasty keeping the fire stoked with another new release, keeping up with the diversity in his discography! Presenting a different flow compared to his most recent tunes, StankNasty opens up his heart and mind! With many of his latest songs coming off energetic and braggadocios, like LIBRA SCALE, I KNOW I’VE WON, THE LORD KNOWS and his forthcoming EPIC-EP album single KNOW THE NAME, WALLS has more of a somber tone. With an acoustic guitar and piano chords harmonizing behind a hip hop beat and a vocal sample, StankNasty raps, “if I’m alone with my thoughts, its an eternal battle, that’s why I coach myself, like the prescription bottle rattle“. Similarly to his track TRAUMA that covers suicidal thoughts and behaviors, WALLS goes over the topic of mental health and treatment, only this time he connects with the listener on a deeper, more personal level about his experiences in his head and growing up.

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