StankNasty Stirs The Pot With Preaching To The Choir: Artist of the Week

StankNasty is back with another beat laced with endless lyrics and metaphors unveiling his mind. The Chicago artist does not hold back on what he thinks about inconsistent over hyped artists that fail to deliver lyrically, with his track, PREACHING TO THE CHOIR. Presenting the confidence of a growing artist, ready to take on the spotlight, StankNasty opens himself up to scrutiny as he contends for his own place in Chicago’s hip hop community. Coming in with a flow and a hunger to back it up.

He has won fans over with his latest conceptual releases like CARNAGE, SCATTER BRAINED and I KNOW I’VE WON. Taking on a different attitude with PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, challenging his position amongst other artists in music. Already proving his lyrical tenacity, StankNasty solidifies his talents with confidence in the chorus, “I’m just preaching to the choir, only reason this beat is so complete, ’cause I set this bitch on fire.” He then takes aim, with his words as his weapons, “Too many mother f***ers are trying to duplicate a vibe, so I am attacking the clones, god damn my mentally handicapped aunt writes more intelligent notes.” The first few bars are already pack a punch, poking at beasts, and his words only dig deeper as he continues. But StankNasty proves he should be recognized, with the composure and artistry he preserves within his conceptual tracks.

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