Roy Dee by J-Bose

In a touching letter to his father with extravagant thanks for his service and works in raising him and his sibling, J-Bose hits the heart strings completely with ROY DEE. J-Bose talks about his father respecting women, like his mother, and holding down many jobs to help his family get through tough times. “I sit back and count the days of our lives, I’m young and restless now but as the world turns, I realize, you won’t always be around and that makes me cry…” J-Bose sings in the chorus, evoking the listener to think about the fleetingness of life, and to be thankful for the sacrifices that their parents made.

The song features a monologue of sorts from Lauren DeBose, which describes more of the good deeds done by ROY DEE. In seven minutes time, J-Bose takes his audience on an intense emotional ride, filled with nostalgia and gratitude for the measures taken by his father, to ensure a life set with love and opportunity for his children.

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