Women Crush Wednesday: Chicago’s Rapcrush Releases F*ck It Up and Locked In

Her style and voice are infectious. Her sound is reminiscent of Remy Ma and City Girls, but with a calmer and more sarcastic tone. She is the new Chicago lady, rapper sensation, Rapcrush. The visual she created for F*CK IT UP has a unique concept. In the music video she is wearing a black with white trim cheerleader’s outfit. In the beginning she enters into a high school gym, with three people behind a table and cloth that seem to be acting as coaches or judges.

Then the track begins, and she starts dancing and performing the song. Music videos that are performance based go further, when there is a slight narrative aspect to it. Overall, the song and video are hype, and the track would be perfect for a fun night at the club with your friends.

In LOCKED IN, featuring OneFame, Rapcrush speaks on relationship experiences she has overcome. The visual features her in a white, full body suit, arguing with a man over the phone presumably, and having casual conversation with the man she actually wants to entertain. It is a prevalent theme throughout our lives; being with someone, but wanting to be with someone else. Rapcrush strikes that emotion completely, writing lines such as, “So what I got a boyfriend? He ain’t nothing, he don’t be around, he don’t call or nothing.” Now that Rapcrush is on our radar screen, we are excited to see and hear more from the talented young hip hop artist.

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