Austin Fillmore Lets Emotion Pour Out with On My Own

Utilizing the cutting edge crooning that we know and love from Austin Fillmore, he hits a heartfelt vibe on his latest record, ON MY OWN. “Trappings on my mind I feel at home, demons in my room when I’m alone, lone, lone,” this specific part of the hook evokes many contemplative thoughts and feelings. Every lyric of the chorus and verses fit together seamlessly. You will find yourself starting this song again as soon as its over.

I be too fucked up, I can’t answer the phone,” sometimes brutal honesty can make for memorable lyricism, and it is paired well with an attractive melody that will make it stick even more. He goes on to flip a popular line into his own catchy style with, “You think you the best I ever had!” He sings in the second verse of the single, “I don’t really trust this shit, I don’t really move like that.” Considering Austin Fillmore dropped this track during quarantine, we whole-heartedly feel the frustrations being sung about in ON MY OWN.

Cover Photo: @zachmccollum66

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