Frankiem Mitch On A Chill Wave

A regular to the artistic community, performing at venues like ISA Studios, Fulton Street Collective, Uncommon Ground, Sofar Chicago typically solo, or with backup instruments, doing spoken word on social conflicts. Chicago poet Frankiem Mitch comes out with a few audio releases, having posted some written poetry to start out the year. Out with a four track project called OBSESSION, that glosses over self reflection and love over ambient, melancholic chords. A well constructed project featuring some talented artists to play minor but significant roles in the music.

The songs seems to follow a couple of themes, one is the obvious Pokemon imagery, mainly with evolving plant based insects like Caterpie, perhaps a metaphor to personal change or growth. OMG seems to follow a mutual infatuation with another woman, one where he seems reluctant to get too in depth with. Maybe the answer lies in CATERPILLER where infatuation turns to lust and a longing for connection. In METAPOD Frankiem metaphors his life and love obstacles with lyrics like, “its too many demons inside, I couldn’t face my fears… I couldn’t tuck in my pride,” or “I put my soul the the universe like whoa.” He tops it off with a track he revisits from a while back, RECOVERY, and with the help of artists like Chai Tulani, Leah Jean, J Roes, Nosidam and others, it is a poetic masterpiece!

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