Don’t Make CJ Run Lose Their Cool: Artist of the Week

CJ Run, who’s pronoun is They, from the UK and residing in Chicago is back to releasing new music, since their HERE FOR NOW EP and LEAGUE OF MY OWN singles release. We have 3 new tracks and each one contrasts the last, in message and energy. Showing off their diversity in creativity and expression, CJ Run goes through a few layers of them self, deep in the lyricism. Between love, retrospect and attitude, CJ unravels and experiments with styles.

RUNS WORLD goes deep in the roots of being, what makes they, what makes you. Lyrics like, “reaching for the sky with the devil on my shoulder,” can be a metaphorical expression that can mean, maintaining ambitions and aspiration, while being realistic & aware to the nature of life and happenings; “days are getting longer, getting harder and I’m colder.” The song is paired up with THE MIDDLE & LOSE MY COOL, produced by shlatos this time, as opposed to Wize on the first track. CJ really moves in a whole different direction with LOSE MY COOL as it experiments with a dance beat, creating a dance-funk and soul energy, similar to Disclosure, that is just too hot, too flammable, so undeniable! Bringing attitude and sexual energy, you just might lose your cool.

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