Alexander Pi’erre Has Something To Say!

Hip Hop has provided many artists the platform to air out their expressions or grievances. Hip Hop culture in itself is defiant by nature, starting up deep in the Bronx, pioneering emcees would introduce militant ideas and political defiance into their lyricism. If SOMETHINGS HAVE TO BE SAID, artists like Alexander Pi’erre are going to call it out to light! Unfortunately the United Sates constructs more than enough stories and situations to give artists reason to use their 1st Amendment right defiantly, and lyrically!

A strong entrance to 2020 with his track SOMETHINGS HAVE TO BE SAID, as well as a strong opening line. “First Off Fuck Trump,” plain and straight enough, he goes for every ones head too, to be fair, “Obama you aint innocent.” This is one bold song and follows up his first release of the year with Rio Mutasim. Pi’erre vibing with R&B, expressing his more gentle side, when politics is not threatening his cultural community. With Mutasim spittin game on the verses and Pi’erre riding the chorus, their combined talents makes for a smooth song. Only the start of the year, lets follow Alexander, linked below, to find out what else he has in for us this year!

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