Greediphresh Isn’t Looking For Clout, But He Can Get It!

The starving artist is all too familar with the situation, Greediphresh is just calling it out. Artists “out here garbage, gettin guap in large amounts,” Greedi exclaims, “I ain’t a goofy, and they out here giving guap to clowns. Fuck the talent, they just ride the wave because the clout.” It is apparent that lyrical hip hop artists are left hanging while hype acts get money for selling out. Greedi can easily piece up a hype tracks about thotties in the trap house… servin’ out the bandos… louies and the rollies and fast cars, but it is up to publications and radio stations to stop riding the clout, and bump beats like YELLOW VERSION and 32bit:GANGLY MEDIUM. Greediphresh sneaks in irony between the lines and the chorus smoothly.

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