Woman Crush Wednesday: Audrey Valentine

Just coming across this talented artist, Audrey Valentine can quickly catch your ear with her vocal talent. Even more so, her ambition as an artist can intrigue! Following up with vocal training at UIUC after studying at a Gallery 37 music training program from a young age, she seems to intuitively gravitate towards her musical inclinations. She built herself an impressive resumé of singles, mixtapes and events to set a foundation for herself. Most impressive is a charity event she curated where fans came together in the name of music to donate clothing and other items to South Side homeless youth, showing unity through generosity.

It is no surprise such compassion can come from such a deliciate yet powerful voice. Recently covering the track GET YOU by Daniel Caesar, following a collaboration with Kid Breeze, Audrey brings chills to your spine with her acoustic performance. Since 2015 she has released a couple of EP’s, FORBIDDEN FRUIT & LOVE HANGOVER, and a handful of singles. It is easy to say she is only scratching the surface at her potential and influence in Chicago.

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