Enjoy Whatever You Want With BaSkaveli

Baskeveli joins the many up and coming artists dropping work continuing this efflux of creativity in Chicago. Dropping his most recent EP Whatever You Want last month in the mix of other artists such as Harmonic Sapien, Futura Bloom, Vic Mensa, Phoelix, theWHOevers, Towkio – I can go on! Chicago artists from all over the city are coming out of the wood work with real passion and talent in the craft. You can bet to see BaSkaveli taking part of this boom of creative expression.

Whatever You Want holds a feature by another talented artists as well by the name of Iza Leslie. Starting of the EP she sings softly adding to the instantly addictive mellow affectionate energy on the track. In a matter of 3 tracks the energy takes a 180 degree spin from admiration to betrayal to numb belligerence, getting a whole range of style and emotion. Following the EP BaSkavelli jumps on this beat High Off Pain with the local King Syed while planning on a couple more projects prior an album drop. Keep a look out, this is just a start for this local!

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