Watch for the Change Up: Statik Link

Showcasing their new style, a new Statik Link emerges with So Obvious. Changing direction from their trap and bass sound, the duo turns to more soulful vibes. Promising to add live instruments in the studio and on stage. So Obvious this talent come naturally as they whip out the bass and guitar over future funk styled synth and beats. G-Funk is what they dub this new sound and it is catching on. Spilling over into their recent remix Am I Wrong. Becoming one of the many artists to successfully and creatively remake the track by Anderson Park and School Boy Q. Completely changing the pace of the song, giving it more attitude while still maintaining a funky soulful sound. Cannot wait to see what other tricks these 2 have up their sleeve after swiftly switching sound identity like it is second nature. Do not forget to grab that free download and follow!

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